By kalvin - United Kingdom - Leeds
Today, during a driving lesson, I stopped behind a taxi, and got more and more annoyed when the traffic wouldn't move. A few minutes later, my instructor couldn't hold his laughter any more and pointed out I'd somehow zoned out and entered a taxi rank. FML
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By  qdawg06  |  23

Clearly you were not paying attention. YDI

  Stazza11  |  27

Don't know why #2 is getting down voted? She is 100% correct.

Better this while they were not paying attention than a crash. So OP certainly does deserve it!

  srhearrell  |  21

That's half-right. The whole point of driving school is to learn from your mistakes. Yes, the instructor should have told OP after a few seconds, but as harsh as this may seem, it was OP's mistake, not the instructor's. Still sucks, though.

  alygalaxy90  |  7

I wrote "thank you, Captain Obvious. " because obviously the driver wasn't paying attention if they ended up behind cabs where they stop. it was the instructors job to correct said driver in the event they made a mistake... So it wasn't even the drivers fault. If they got into a crash or got a fine it would have been the instructor's responsibility to pay for damages and or fines, at least in California.
I thought it was pretty rude to point out what was already said in the original post, why would a new driver want to hear negativity about something that wasn't even their fault to begin with. so I stand with my original comment. I wasn't being rude I was being silly, if I was being rude I would have gone with "No shit, Sherlock. "

  tiggerdoc  |  14

#38: not the drivers fault??? Who was driving? It is the instructors job to teach. I am almost positive the instructor didn't say " pull in behind the taxi" While the instructor IS ultimately RESPONSIBLE for what happens it is not their fault.