By kalvin - 24/05/2015 16:56 - United Kingdom - Leeds

Today, during a driving lesson, I stopped behind a taxi, and got more and more annoyed when the traffic wouldn't move. A few minutes later, my instructor couldn't hold his laughter any more and pointed out I'd somehow zoned out and entered a taxi rank. FML
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Thus the reason you are in driving school

giantsfan2010 23

Always gotta be focused Op! Sounds like the instructor taught you the hard way


Thus the reason you are in driving school

Quick question for a person who does not often see taxies. what is a taxi rank?

oh wait is that like a lane, say like they have at airports where people get picked up?

qdawg06 23

Clearly you were not paying attention. YDI

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

There really isn't any need to be rude, #7.

Don't know why #2 is getting down voted? She is 100% correct. Better this while they were not paying attention than a crash. So OP certainly does deserve it!

That's half-right. The whole point of driving school is to learn from your mistakes. Yes, the instructor should have told OP after a few seconds, but as harsh as this may seem, it was OP's mistake, not the instructor's. Still sucks, though.

#23 - Because she didn't expand from what the FML already made very clear. Man, I need to write a book on FML comment etiquette.

I wrote "thank you, Captain Obvious. " because obviously the driver wasn't paying attention if they ended up behind cabs where they stop. it was the instructors job to correct said driver in the event they made a mistake... So it wasn't even the drivers fault. If they got into a crash or got a fine it would have been the instructor's responsibility to pay for damages and or fines, at least in California. I thought it was pretty rude to point out what was already said in the original post, why would a new driver want to hear negativity about something that wasn't even their fault to begin with. so I stand with my original comment. I wasn't being rude I was being silly, if I was being rude I would have gone with "No shit, Sherlock. "

tiggerdoc 14

#38: not the drivers fault??? Who was driving? It is the instructors job to teach. I am almost positive the instructor didn't say " pull in behind the taxi" While the instructor IS ultimately RESPONSIBLE for what happens it is not their fault.

giantsfan2010 23

Always gotta be focused Op! Sounds like the instructor taught you the hard way

That would drive me mad

Haha, how'd you manage that one? At least the instructor got a kick out of it.

You'll get better with experience OP. Just keep working at it.

Oh goodness. That must be embarrassing. Sorry OP, I hope you passed your driving lesson.

drunk_crow 12

It was a lesson so there probably wasn't any passing/failing

It was a lesson not a test, so there probably wasn't any passing/failing.

He failed in spirit.

That must have driven you mad!

You probably drive better than many of the taxi drivers - stay in line!

Since OP didn't even notice he was in the taxi lane, I doubt he's that good a driver at this point. Pay attention to your surroundings OP.

Keep your head up O.P you'll learn eventually.

Are you saying OP will do this more than once?