By redneckpunk - 16/03/2015 19:15 - United States - Schaumburg

Today, during a date with my girlfriend, I found out you can hiccup hard enough to convince someone that you're having a seizure. FML
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I hope you SEIZE control of those hiccups! Anyone? No? Ok

Well hopefully they go away, but I won't hold my breath.


Well hopefully they go away, but I won't hold my breath.

or you can be that unlucky guy that becomes the world record holder of longest consecutive hiccups (right now its over 20 years consecutive)

nataliewby 25

#15, Isn't there a guy who hiccuped for 68 years straight though?

33, it was actually 69 years. No joke.

psychopolarbear 28

69 years? That sounds like a very long time to be that deep in the pits of hiccup hell.

I absolutely hate the hiccups! I can't imagine having them for longer than 15 minutes let alone years. It's a wonder those people didn't go insane.

Somebody Osborn hiccuped for 68 or 86 years i believe

Well at least you didn't choke or seize. All you had was a embarrassing situation that everyone will forget, or remember forever.

pwnman 33

Just give her a HICkey later to make it up!

I don't think you are on the same page

I hate the hiccups! One time, my professor asked me to leave the room because they kept interrupting him!

I hope you SEIZE control of those hiccups! Anyone? No? Ok

I get it. i chuckled

Unless you were flailing around or something, I really don't get how a hiccup could be mistake for a seizure

Typically hiccups make you twitch or jerk. Most people haven't seen seizures and probably jumped to conclusions.

michaelm1290 23

6, just a little fyi--not every seizure is the stereotypical "flopping around like a fish" type seizure (tonic-clonic seizures). For example, look into absence seizures, which often simply involves staring spells. Also, there are seizures that involve just a muscle jerk (myoclonic seizure).

I've had people think that my fainting spells are seizures. Embarrassing. Most aren't truly educated on what kinds of seizures there are and what the signs are for each type. They base it on what they see on TV.

eyebrowzzz 21

Well I assume you didn't take your leisurely time while in your state of panic ;)

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If she's the one who thought you were having a seizure, It's kind of sweet that your girlfriend cares about you that much to worry. (:

you would have to be pretty cold hearted not care if you saw someone having a seizure

That's not sweet, that's common decency, she's be a bit of a mole if she didn't help

My mother gets the worst hiccups. I swear you can hear them echo down the road. Hopefully yours weren't anything more than one loud "HUP", OP. But by the sounds of it that wasn't the case :P

Wow they must be one hell of a hiccup!!! What happens when you orgasm? Do they call an ambulance?