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  michaelm1290  |  23

6, just a little fyi--not every seizure is the stereotypical "flopping around like a fish" type seizure (tonic-clonic seizures). For example, look into absence seizures, which often simply involves staring spells. Also, there are seizures that involve just a muscle jerk (myoclonic seizure).

  cek727  |  16

I've had people think that my fainting spells are seizures. Embarrassing. Most aren't truly educated on what kinds of seizures there are and what the signs are for each type. They base it on what they see on TV.

By  ihartmytdi  |  23

My mother gets the worst hiccups. I swear you can hear them echo down the road. Hopefully yours weren't anything more than one loud "HUP", OP. But by the sounds of it that wasn't the case :P