By ohno - 01/12/2011 14:38 - United States

Today, due to "severe cuts to the budget" at work, I had to stir my coffee with a paper clip. FML
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I'd rather they take the coffee stirrers than the coffee. Or my job. Be grateful for what you DO have.

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whitey53 5

I don't think it'd work very well, however.

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At least you have a job OP, I would be more grateful than whining how I stir a cup of coffee !

Go to any office supply store (OfficeMax, Staples, etc.) and purchase a thousand count coffee stirrer box for 4 bucks.

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Way to be creative!!!! Good thinking!!

What does this have to do with the comment you're replying to? Are you giving this random suggestion to commenter 1 or were you just trying to be "cool" and get your comment to the top?

It was actually a response to 6. But IDK how to it responded to number 1.

Just be thankful that they still have coffee.

OP Is a whining stuck up bitch! At least she has a job. What a pussy

It's better than burning your finger.. :p

I'd rather they take the coffee stirrers than the coffee. Or my job. Be grateful for what you DO have.

Exactly. People in sub Saharan Arica don't even have paperclips to stir their coffee.

Or coffee to use their fingers to stir with!

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but now someone won't have a paperclip to organize an important assignment! OP is a greedy bastard.

Flockz - wait, THAT's what paper clips are for?! I've been using them to practice my shape-making skills all these years.

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i ram one up my ass everytime someone doesn't understand that i'm joking on FML. i probably have some sort of anal cancer by now.

Not like it makes a huge difference to your life, it still stirs your coffee!

At least you had coffee. It could be worse.

Wtf?! XD Come on, do coffee stirrers (Is that how you spell that..? >.> ) really cost THAT much?? Geez

Over the course of the year, it could add up to more than you think.

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They're free if you stea- err um...acquire them from McDonalds. On a serious note, why not just bring a spoon? You can reuse it every day, it's less wasteful, and it's better for the earth.

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And before anyone says anything, no I did NOT copy that spoon part. I got ninja'd.

That ain't nothing. At my work, they stop providing coffee and raise prices on food at vending machines. Glad I found another job. Good luck with that though.

*takes paper clip* Ha! Now stir it with your finger! Bet you wish you had that clip now, don't you!? >:D

At least you still have your job :) they could have fired people as well.

When my company had severe cuts to the budget, I was laid off. I would gladly stir coffee with a paper clip.