By budadepressed - 18/07/2016 21:22 - United States - Burnsville

Today, due to a scheduling error, I spent an entire day and night in an airport, over 30 hours in total. Just as I arrived at the gate, I was informed that my flight had been delayed for another 2 hours. FML
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Dont be mad Tom, just hank in there.

Gotta love airports


Gotta love airports

Gotta hate airports

Dont be mad Tom, just hank in there.

On the bright side, all that sitting around gave you time to think of a clever username!

I don't know whether I would have cried or laughed at how bad my luck was at that point if that were me.

thomasrasmussen7 20

I'm from MN and that does sound like the MSP Airport. I'm surprised it wasn't the security line that took the 30 hours..

What "sounds like it's MSP"? I didn't get any information from the FML that gave any type of location clues.

The posts say when they were published and also where. If you look at he bottom, in smaller print, it says Minnesota.

Not everyone can see that though. My phone doesn't show gender or location.

My sister's flight from Orlando to Philadelphia was delayed 18 hours. The airline refused to compensate her until she pointed out to them that she could have driven to Philadelphia in 18 hours. Maybe you could argue that you could have swam to Budapest in 30 hours? That may not be as compelling an argument, though.

As a fellow Minnesotan, I feel and understand your pain.

My god your name is funny!

At least you didn't miss it