By Moron - 23/08/2011 02:03 - Canada

Today, due to a misunderstanding, I unintentionally agreed to have a dinner date with a co-worker. He's ten years older than me. Not only do I have to find a way to reject him, but I have to work with him on weekends. The worst part is, he's the first guy to ask me out in ages. FML
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Just go out with him this one time, then if you still don't want to date him after this, kindly let him know.

Who knows you might like him :)


Just go out with him this one time, then if you still don't want to date him after this, kindly let him know.

Beggars cant be choosers

enonymous 8

Easiest and quickest way to let a guy down is to sleep with him and act bat shit crazy during all while saying I'm going to cut off your cock when you sleep. 100% tested and works

kings1fan 6

This is like 4 fml's in one

^^ I can count 5 :O

Just go on the date. You might just realize that he's a great guy. I don't know.

n_epic_fail 14

I counted 4 too lol :)

Did you count the reject him and work with him on weekends as one?

Just go maybe he'll treat you like a princess. Stop being stuck up please.

xoconnie 8

ages must really mean ever

xoconnie 8

also, 1, if ur the dude in the pic ur hot.

zuzupetalsYO 11

Come on, free food.

Age Is But A Number, Maybe He's A Nice Guy Love Doesn't Have A Number.(:

So what if your ten years apart. My parens are 13 years apart and their happily married. Just go out with him and if you dont like it dont do it again.

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Just go out with him that once, and if it doesn't work out, tell him you don't wanna mix business with pleasure...and you find it inappropriate to date people from the work place.

Go this one time and if it's horrible, just say you're busy the next time he asks you out. That is, assuming he will ask you out again. You might not be exactly what he thought you were either :p

number one gave really good advice. just be relaxed and keep an open mind. if nothing else. end the night saying "its so nice to go out with friends once in a while! see you at work!" and run!!! haha

Same here lolol its 5

Who knows you might like him :)

I know I like bacon strips.

kings1fan 6

And oranges

Hey maybe he can become your sugar daddy! "daddy can I has some candy?!"

Why does age matter? Maybe you should get out of your little box and five him a shot. He might be more to your liking then someone your own age.

A lack of chemistry is what it is. Find a way to let him down easy and see if you can put in for a shift change. Good luck!

Tell him you don't want to. See how fucking simple that was?

PrestonG95 7

Why the swearing?

Fuck off trying to funny with your stupid comments I hate this guy.

#4, maybe she doesn't want to hurt his feelings? Not everybody has a cold heart like you, some people actually consider the feelings of others. Plus, how would she look if she agreed to go on a date and then just walked up to him and cancelled the date for no reason? Geez, think a little and stop being so idiotic, Freeze.

Nobody is trying to be funny, and if you were seeking potential humor in that you are an idiot. There's nothing idiotic about telling someone you don't want to do something you accidentally agreed to. But you're one of my many fans happyhak, so I'll forgive you.

Wow, I'm your fan, huh? Funny joke. And you actually have fans? Another funny joke. That's weird since I (your "fan") just called you an idiot and pointed out the stupidness in your comment. You're obviously immature and most likely under the age of 12 years to possibly think a FML user, let alone one like yourself, gains fans like a celebrity. With that, I think I will conclude this argument. Knowing you, Freeze, you will most likely reply childishly, won't you? By the way, if you didn't have such shitty reading comprehension, you would realise the reason OP didn't tell that guy "No" directly. Because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. But, because you are obviously really stupid, I'll go ahead and forgive you for your idiotic comment.

Say exactly what the hooker said on the other FML? lol

People find love in the weirdest of places. Give him a shot

I really appreciate this post #lovecanhappen

Yeah, really. My parents met at a Van Halen concert when my mom was 17 and my dad was 36... It's weird, but it happened. They've been married for seventeen years now.

mellylicious 8

Just give the guy a chance and see what happens?

Is OP the moron or the guy who asked op out?

The OP said she "unintentionally accepted a to go out to dinner" so she was the one that got asked out. Or in your case the "moron"

Op named the post "moron" I was wondering who it was meant for

iAmScrubs 19

Maybe he'll take you to the spaghetti restaurant and you'll accidentally start eating the same strand of spaghetti that he's eating.

Time to use the old "my aunt is sick" story ;)