By Moron - / Tuesday 23 August 2011 02:03 / Canada
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  enonymous  |  8

Easiest and quickest way to let a guy down is to sleep with him and act bat shit crazy during all while saying I'm going to cut off your cock when you sleep. 100% tested and works

  acccccccc  |  1

So what if your ten years apart. My parens are 13 years apart and their happily married. Just go out with him and if you dont like it dont do it again.

  Randuhh_17  |  4

Just go out with him that once, and if it doesn't work out, tell him you don't wanna mix business with pleasure...and you find it inappropriate to date people from the work place.

  kseizzle  |  0

Go this one time and if it's horrible, just say you're busy the next time he asks you out. That is, assuming he will ask you out again. You might not be exactly what he thought you were either :p

  Ashelizabethh  |  8

number one gave really good advice. just be relaxed and keep an open mind. if nothing else. end the night saying "its so nice to go out with friends once in a while! see you at work!" and run!!! haha

  happyhak  |  5

#4, maybe she doesn't want to hurt his feelings? Not everybody has a cold heart like you, some people actually consider the feelings of others. Plus, how would she look if she agreed to go on a date and then just walked up to him and cancelled the date for no reason? Geez, think a little and stop being so idiotic, Freeze.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

Nobody is trying to be funny, and if you were seeking potential humor in that you are an idiot.

There's nothing idiotic about telling someone you don't want to do something you accidentally agreed to. But you're one of my many fans happyhak, so I'll forgive you.

  happyhak  |  5

Wow, I'm your fan, huh? Funny joke. And you actually have fans? Another funny joke. That's weird since I (your "fan") just called you an idiot and pointed out the stupidness in your comment. You're obviously immature and most likely under the age of 12 years to possibly think a FML user, let alone one like yourself, gains fans like a celebrity. With that, I think I will conclude this argument. Knowing you, Freeze, you will most likely reply childishly, won't you?

By the way, if you didn't have such shitty reading comprehension, you would realise the reason OP didn't tell that guy "No" directly. Because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. But, because you are obviously really stupid, I'll go ahead and forgive you for your idiotic comment.