By Hellasboy - Australia - Brisbane
Today, driving to work, I stop to let an old man cross the street. The driver behind me honks their horn, so I decide to drive slow to piss them off. A few turns later, I pull into the car park and notice the other driver following me. She works in the office next to mine. We met the other day. FML
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  hobbs96  |  26

Where I live gun laws are great. So there aren't any road rage attacks here, because people don't know who's carrying and who's not. We also have a slow lane and a fast lane here, and if I'm in that slow lane going the speed limit do not be aggressive towards me. You can always pass me.

  Foxfire15  |  15

Going to get downvoted to hell, but everyone who does this is an ass, and (probably) breaking the law by impeading traffic. If someone honks at you, just shrug it off and act like a mature adult. It's not like they threw something at your car or anything.

  Redgy22  |  26

Op was slowing for a pedestrian. The co-worker needs to be more mature & patient. If your in such a hurry to get somewhere, leave earlier.