By Anonymous - 01/11/2012 11:48 - France - Belloy-en-france

Today, dressed in my sexiest nightie, I asked my boyfriend in the most sensual voice possible what he'd like me do to for him tonight. His eyed widened, he started clapping wildly, and then shrieked, "SPAGHETTI CARBONARA!" FML
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Mordakai420 6

Damn he likes spaghetti...

Well, he can get sex anytime, how often do you cook for him? He's gotta take this opportunity.


Mordakai420 6

Damn he likes spaghetti...

And not nighties.

Have you had spaghetti with carbonara sauce? It's amazing. I'd be excited too. Then have sex with her as a thank you.

GoodLookingGeese 10

I do understand him, really.

I'd make him have sex with me before I cooked for him. Dude's gotta earn it.

iOceanus 18

67 - Or during the cooking! Thats kinky, and it's killing two birds with one stone.

68-"oh, hate to leave you blue-balled, but I gotta go, the pasta's about to boil over."

Sex while cooking sounds awful. Maybe a little foreplay to get things flowing, if ya know what I mean.

wannabemom 5

Atleast he didn't tell you a sandwich :)

Next time try wearing a nightie with spaghetti straps.

67 - Under your baby blanket? HaHaHa

hockeychicl003 6

haha :p ^^

ozone9914 2


70 - that's my spaghettio O face ;)

The man wants spaghetti!

What happens under my baby blanket is no one's business.

You can't argue with the spaghetti!

Maybe it's the name of some weird sexual thing.

simron_15 3

I've heard of the Spaghetti Style

Yes 44 - it's real saucy!

48- nah it's actually pretty cheesy for a sex move.

63 - Fork you!

Krajjan 9

Come on, 84. Take it with a dash of salt and don't let it stick with you. Or is it 'grain'?

Well, you can try to argue with spaghetti, but I doubt it would be a very lively debate.

110 - sorry, that was pretty slimy of me. I didn't mean to act like suck a meat(ball)-head.

Well, he can get sex anytime, how often do you cook for him? He's gotta take this opportunity.

Could be the other way too, honestly :P

spekledworf 18

After reading this I turned to my boyfriend and asked if he'd choose a good meal over sex. He said "Well it depends on the meal"

#34 - Hah! What a charming fella! :P

CallMeMcFeelii 13

One of my ex girlfriends would always make me garlic toast after sex. That's when you know you have a keeper. OP could have started boiling the water for the spaghetti, then went back and start heating things up in the bedroom. Win-win situation for each of them.

So 43, she's a keeper bit also your ex? Perhaps rethink your comment?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

We were dating 3 years ago. A lot of shit can happen within 3 years. It's not like I meant keeper as in I was going to marry her. I was 17 haha. We lasted a year and a few months. Longer than most teenage couples.

I like how you implied she was a keeper but she is one of your ex girlfriends... LoL Golden.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Yeah "keeper" wasn't the best word I could have used to describe an ex. Oh well, to late to fix it now. 50 pointed that out already 58. A bit to late on that.

It's "BUT" not "bit" 50

85 - Of all the spelling errors in this comment board, you pick up on and point out the one that's obviously a typo and not an actual inability to spell? Really?

If 85 was correcting the last line of the comment before his, that's not a typo or even wrong for that matter.

He wasn't. He was talking to 50.

Had he have mentioned the lack of a second "o" in two of 61's "too"s, he may have been taken more seriously...

Karalela44 15

He can't get sex anytime...well not about a week every month

Shut up all you spelling nazis jeeze it's just an fml. Not a spelling test or English class

Next time, don't even ask. Just jump into seducing him or he probably won't get the hint, he doesn't seem very bright.

iOceanus 18

Or he just reeeeeally wanted some spaghetti.

I agree. I just did this to my boyfriend yesterday. When he arrived, his eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store, just by what I was wearing for him. I did it just to see that look on his face. OP's boyfriend doesn't even know how lucky he is to have his girlfriend do all that for him.

you must make some pretty good carbonara then

It's how he likes his eggs.

You bf sounds funny. Hahaha

mizuki123 8

Spaghetti is amazing! :D. He's a keeper lol

UncleMuscles 5

It must be if a sensual voice made it pop into his head.

mizuki123 8

It's in my head 24/7 :)

unknown_user5566 26

You can still work the situation to your advantage. You could have cooked the meal, and placed the bowl/plate on top of your naked body, and then called him in for dinner. I'm willing to be he'd forget all about eating dinner at that point. :)

KiddNYC1O 20

Your husband is a lucky guy!

What if he pokes her boobs or something with a fork while spinning the spaghetti :O!

What if he pokes her boobs or something with a fork while spinning the spaghetti :O!

Sorry, my app posted that comment twice :(

#38, 39 & 41 she said bowl on her body not straight spaghetti on her body.

unknown_user5566 26

74- That's easily fixed with a small towel or something underneath the plate/bowl.

RedPillSucks 31

Damn. Is it just me that's turned on by all the thought you put into this?

90- same here, I had the most obvious boner during class. Way to embarrass me, guys.

perdix 29

Sounds sexy, but it could backfire big time. He could slowly eat the food and then go off to watch ESPN, and you're there laying around naked, unfulfilled, un-thanked and covered in tomato sauce and breadcrumbs.

unknown_user5566 26

Perdix, the point was if OP did this, her boyfriend would forget about dinner until AFTER he satisfied her. :)

The point is, is that this guy is obviously a doofus, and thinks more with his stomach than his Johnson. Sorry OP.

You are a cool wife!

billyw02 5

I could just see him sitting down and eating the meal before anything started

Then the food would get cold...kind of a waste.

salvorican 24

You heard him! Go make him some spaghetti woman!! :D

ldoonngg 5

LOL awesome! And better make him some brownies too damnit!

Well he needs the carbs for the epic night that lies ahead.