By embarrassed - Australia - Morphett Vale
Today, despite having a mild case of the flu, I visited my boyfriend's house and watched a movie with his parents. During the movie, I felt the sudden urge to sneeze. Trying to hold it in, I managed to do the loudest fart I've ever done in my life. Everyone heard. FML
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It's a natural process, even snarting. When I first visited my gf in Germany, I know she tried to not fart in front of me. One day, she sneezed and farted at the same time. Stuff like this happens, and it's not the end of your life if it does. Now shitting would have been something to complain about, seeing as you had the flu.

  starbursty  |  0

21-thank you. I just had to excuse myself out of class from laughing my ass off.
I was reading with the class while (trying to sneak reading fml) and yeah laughed my ass off. Thank you lol

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I'm with 2! Everyone farts. It was an accident. If I was the Original Poster I'd laugh it off. Oh, but I'm a girl. So, according to this site, I don't fart, shit, burp, poop, or any other bodily function that all humans do.

By  gc327072  |  29

How the heck did the pressure travel all the way to the other end?! Is that possible, or did you coincidentally have to fart a few minutes later anyway?

By  perdix  |  29

They probably laughed it off, but they'll be pissed at you in 1-2 weeks when they all come down with the flu.

Your fart going to sound a lot funnier than their vomiting.

  darkoneko_fml  |  4

It can cause vomiting, but that's not a frequent symptom (excepted with children). If you are vomiting, you probably have gastroenteritis, which can cause fever and headaches, but mostly vomiting and diarrhea.
The difference between the flu and a simple cold is the presence of fever, muscle pain, headaches, and the fact that you are feeling weak (to the point where you are sometimes barely able to walk). Also, you sleep a lot.
It's best not to mix them up, as you don't treat them with the same medication.

  lmz1986  |  10

I'm assuming #15 is talking about Perdix failing to use contraction on the second part of his second statement. It should be fart's, or if you'd prefer, fart is.