By Angie - 09/09/2011 23:18 - France

Today, desperate after a very painful breakup, I poured my heart and soul out to my old teddy bear. When I finished, I asked what he would do in my situation. Right on cue, a gust of wind came through the window and sent him falling off the windowsill and crashing head-first onto the floor. FML
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You shoulve fucked the wind up

Aww poor teddy bear did he get hurt?


You shoulve fucked the wind up

The bear was trying to tell you what he would do if he was in your situation.

lol fuck mother nature.

Op means oreo porn.

Did Oreo porn Really have to come after fuck mother nature?! Seriously guys!! You don't even want to Know what kind of images that just sent through my head!!! >.< please!! Someone! Just take away the pain!!!!!!!!!!

He had to tell you somehow

it's ok, Oreo Porn, the teddys head broke it's fall

God was trying to tell you something babe :(

I think he just got tired of your complaining and decided to suicide! R.I.P Teddy bear:(

Oh the irony. Don't sweat your Teddy bear though. Its made of plush so unless some dog got his teeth on it, he's OK.

no the problem here is she is talking to Teddy bears.

21- Did you figure that out all on your own? You must be proud of yourself.

Does this FML remind anyone of that Family Guy episode where she wants her stuffed animals to watch her ballet video and they escape out the window and sunshine bear killed himself :o

yeah^^ true, haha

Never knew that #26

Suicide is not the answer!

Teddy bear means business.

I think you dropped your "commit".

suicide is a perminant solution to a temporary problem.

Take the pain away lime the Teddy bear

"Fucked the wind up". Words to live by. OP, I think you know what you gotta do. Just go find yourself a nice, quiet cliff, and let nature's selection do its job.

Aww poor teddy bear did he get hurt?

that comment is way too funny i cant stop laughing.

Lol this fml made me laugh my ass off

Yep mother nature sure knows how to grind sum gears :p

Who cares about the Teddy bear!! Is the balcony ok???

Of course it is

Its a teddy bear, no it didnt

The point of the FML isn't that her teddy bear fell, it's that when she asked what she should do the bear 'commited suicide' from the wind

148- thank you for clarifying.

Op, I doubt IT "crashed" onto the floor, I bet IT made more of a really quiet thud.

He's not hurting anymore...

it commited scuicide! lol

I recently just went through something like that. except I just cried holding my Teddy bear. I'm still recovering and we broke up a month ago. it's tough man.

Of course, seeing as how you have "the most complicated relationship problems right now ".

Hey river i feel your pain buddy :(

They say time will heal all wounds. I'm not too sure if it's true. It's been 4 months and I still feel the pain and sorrow. But the past is the past, it'll be good to let go of it soon to allow our heart to open up to the wider possibilities :) so dear friends, keep persevering. :) it's alright to grief and cry once in a while. But don't let it deprive you from the true meaning of life. Live everyday like it's your last :)

I've always heard that it takes half the time you were together to recover from a break up. Ex: 6months if you were in a 12month relationship. Ugh! Sucks doesn't it?

Sure has been rough recovery for me...however, he moved on before we were actually broken up -_-

That half the time thing isn't true. You will recover whenever your ready regardless of how long you were together. It's alright though, it takes the downs to make the ups that much better. When your up you feel like your on top of the world and when your down it feels like you'll never get back up again. The truth is, you have to find a way to be okay with the downs, they never stop.

Seriously River, you're 15! You've got your whole life ahead of you.

You're all pathetic.

I think you guys are forgetting that this is FML, not therapy.

I usually just go to the bar when I have a bad breakup. Mr Daniels has talked me through a lot of bad times.

Mr. Daniels did the same to me too.. Along with my Russian friend Miss Vodka

My boyfriend broke up with me a month ago, I'm still not over it. We were together for 13 months, the longest relationship I've ever had. He got with another girl in the same hour. I have to sit behind him in one of our classes and the background of his laptop is of him with the other girl.

Woah, how ironic. It's kinda funny, though.

Hence it's presence on FML.........

Make me feel like a dumbass...

I do my best ^_^

That's what I call fmll :) fml love lol

How is that ironic?

I farted 00•••••

Heh.. 69 likes...

I always feel the need to leave the "likes" alone if they rest comfortably at 69 :)

he has the right idea suicide

got moderated after a minute i think thats a record

that shits old at that time I was friends with benefits with like 5 chicks and the only one I wanted to be with was my ex and she liked someone else but we were still friends with benefits. And all the other ones were in love with me but I didn't like them like that.

Musta been pretty windy. Where do you live, the top of a mountain?

I think you missed the word strong but idk

Did he breakup?

It's okay 7, I like what you did there. Now that the Teddy bear has broken up, your windowsill will be pouring it's heart out to your lamp, etc. Protect your stuff, it's the only choice!

Rejected from a teddy bear too. Harsh.

awww im really sorry : (

Yeah it really sucks that god hates the OP so much that it suggested that the OP should commit suicide.

Stupid Teddy bears not being able to give good advice!

It's not that it's incapable of good advice, it's simply a mute that fell out laughing before it could respond

I like your picture;)

haha i know this is not even about the FML but i love spongebob ans thats the cutest picture ive ever seen! :)