By tsardaukar - United States
Today, bouncing at a local bar. I I.D.'d a girl with a group of people. I told her that next time she used a fake I.D., she at least should get one with a picture that looked like her. She started crying and ran off. A guy told me that she had been in a car wreck, and had been badly disfigured. FML
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By  Poison93_fml  |  0

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  yungmumma88  |  10

its his JOB to judge people like that! However the wisecrack was uncalled for. a simple statement that the pic doesn't look like her so more id is required would have been sufficient.

  Xx_Slayer_xX  |  22

*Chuckles* You should check your spelling before you insult someone on their intelligence. You did not use the proper You're, and you didn't really get Offense right either. What do I know though.

  ParisMilton93  |  15

Just because she was in a car accident doesn't necessarily mean she is "on a lot of medicine" could have happened months ago. So she has every right to go to a bar and even if she was on medication why shouldn't she go out and have a good time with her friends in a bar?

  xxBFMVAAMIWxx  |  18

Either way, OP was doing their job as a bouncer. You saying you'd let some girl into a bar who looks nothing like her I.D.? I don't know too much about the rules in other countries, but if OP was an Australian bouncer, then he's required to ask for I.D. if a person looks under 25, and the drinking age is 18. So by that logic regardless of country the girl OP carded must have looked young, leading him to believe a fake I.D. especially with a different looking photo. I feel sorry for the girl, but also for OP for getting caught in such an uncomfortable situation for doing his job. He may have been slightly callous or arrogant in how he said it, but he's a bouncer, not a shop assistant, he's allowed to be

By  plethora  |  3

#2: It's the OP's job to "judge people like that".
If someone presents with an ID photo that looks nothing like them, the odds are higher that it's a fake than that the person was horribly disfigured in a car crash.

By  fhchick  |  0

How on earth can people say he deserves it?! He works at a bar, do you know how many people he has to deal with that have fake IDs. The girl should have gotten a new ID if her face was that messed up.