By Anonymous - 05/01/2013 05:54 - United States

Today, both my car and my father's car were broken into. They stole my radio, purse, wallet, camera, and multiple items of clothing. What did they take from my dad's car? Some screwdrivers to rip my radio out of my dash. FML
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Wow, your car sounds like your closet.

Ambellina_ 7

Honestly, I think YDI for leaving some of that stuff in your car to begin with.


dang that sucks hope your day gets better.

nycwrestler 17

I don't know why this comment wasn't buried. It's generic and could be used for pretty much any fml.

So could 95% of the comments posted on FML. That's a lot of negativity!!! F...uck!

How can it possibly get better?

Quite easily it seems

What the hell is wrong with her dad? Lol i guess i cant see all the text in the FML. Lol /endsarcasm

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Well to be fair to op, haven't you left your purse with your wallet, and your radio in the car? The rest I'm sure most people have left the rest of things in their car.... Then again I've never owned a car so I might be wrong :)

Mads_1234 28

Most people would never consider leaving their wallet in their car. I know that at my local mall, they have signs posted everywhere telling you to take your valuables with you.

Ok, ok. I'll admit I have left my wallet, my cell, my 4000 dollar pair of hearing aids in the car before but it was a water park..

I'd never leave my bag with all my things in and in my boyfriends old car we used to take the radio out and I'd have it in my bag because it was expensive. You should never leave valuables in your car!

Lol. In Canada where I live, we don't even lock our doors at night.

What's your address? (:

tsent8 15

Alright thanks for telling me. Next time il just rip my radio out of the dash and bring it with me.

bredahl 26

Most aftermarket stereo systems you buy at stores come with a button to take off the front face of the radio so it basically becomes useless until you put it back on. It's still unwise to leave your purse/wallet/camera in your car, even in a low-crime area. You never know...

Hey retard in Canada shit gets taken all the time! People going down streets breaking car windows etc. I don't lock my door at home if I am in it and awake but you always lock your door before you leave or go to bed common sense no matter where you live. Safe not sorry.

#70 LOL okay you do know that 70% of Canadians live near the border to the states? I live out in the bush in Canada. So many places here that are forested. Canada is pretty different from the states.

70 She said where she lives.. Please reread...

Here in Miami, you have to always have to take your purse just in case. My sister went to Jacksonville to visit a friend, and they didn't even lock their doors, and they left everything in their car. Maybe OP lives in a place like that, but bad luck hit. I think it's still pretty dumb to leave valuables in a car, but that's because of where I was brought up

crammer1 6

Was OP naive? Yes. However it doesn't mean that she deserved it and should have her stuff stolen. Her car, her property and F&ck our lives that we live in a society where this type of crime is rampant and expected.

I wouldn't go as far as saying she deserves it. but it was a stupid mistake

Wow, your car sounds like your closet.

OP left a ton of stuff in their. And valuable stuff. Stupid OP.

Ambellina_ 7

Honestly, I think YDI for leaving some of that stuff in your car to begin with.

I don't think anyone deserves to be stolen from. Although I do think it was stupid to leave those valuables in the car because there are idiots who think stealing is okay.

Look on the bright side. At least they had the right tools for the job instead of just ripping the dash apart. Never leave valuables in your car.

CoolRainbowdash 15

I think they just cleaned a closet,not a car

Zano23 9

At least they didn't steal your window!

Car alarm?

Are those still even relevant?

imagineapc 11

Car alarms are pretty pointless anymore. Most newer cars have them (not my 97 Jeep), so when one goes off not many people think "Hey I wonder if that's mine!" In my last apartment complex, a car alarm started going off around continued to go off until 7am, when the owner of the car was finally leaving for the day.

Vash_41288 10

"pointless anymore.." sounds odd, but depends on the alarm, mine after door or something has been opened it will text/email or call me to let me know alarm has been tripped. I still don't leave anything important in there though.

Who leaves all that stuff in their car? YDI

Well how was the robber going to get your radio without those tools! Don't be so harsh on him, he/she needed them!

Man I hate that crap. Some hethen stole my diamond encrusted butt plug one time, and I haven't seen it ever since. Damned Thieves Guild.

The grey fox is watching you

I'd thought he'd be with Delvin watching Vex bathe.