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Today, before leaving my house, I OCD-checked all of my doors 16 times to make sure that they were locked. When I got home, my house had been broken into. Turns out I accidentally unlocked my front door when trying to lock it for the last time. This is why I have OCD. FML
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Doesn't hurt to check a 17th time.

FYL, OP. I wish robbers I've experienced tried getting through the door. I've been robbed twice, and both times they broke a window to get in. I have OCD, but for me when it comes to locking doors, I literally have to say out loud "The door is locked." Not sure why. If I lock a door and don't say it and try to leave the house or go to bed, I can't. I'll get terrible anxiety.


Doesn't hurt to check a 17th time.

They say you can never be too careful.

I'm thinking 17 wouldn't work, if his ritual is to do it 16 times.

You're trolling yourself.

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I have OCD and I know that even one over my number will send me into a new ritual. Its annoying.

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OCD sucks. It takes up way too much time and makes you think too hard. I'm slowly going into relapse since i got better a couple of years ago and i'm pissed!

FYL, OP. I wish robbers I've experienced tried getting through the door. I've been robbed twice, and both times they broke a window to get in. I have OCD, but for me when it comes to locking doors, I literally have to say out loud "The door is locked." Not sure why. If I lock a door and don't say it and try to leave the house or go to bed, I can't. I'll get terrible anxiety.

Hey 3, you're not the only one. My mom does that too!

I know how you feel. Whenever I touch my fingertip or really any part of my body on something, I have to touch the opposite one too. Like, if someone bumps my left hip I have to hit my right hip so it feels even. If I don't I get bad anxiety :/ you should see me in class.

Mine is less sever I have to tap If a bad memory comes sometimes I have to say I hate you or play on my phone . If some one is talking I find books or DVD players or picture and count them to the words the person says ( this happens in my choir a lot and is not fun ) when I was in 6th grade I did a power point on it just to learn about it because that's the year my mom told me I had it I took Medicean until I was 8 but never knew what it was for it sucks

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56- on an unrelated note, you should really make the effort of using commas and periods...

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I do the same thing. I don't have a door knob lock so I twist the handle and push against the door several times before I leave. I also have to say out loud "the alarm is on" several times while checking the alarm clock before going to bed. OCD sucks, sorry op.

I'm the same way. Whenever I go to shower I check behind the bathroom door to make sure killers aren't there.

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I dont think you need OCD for that 85, thats just a natural paranoia i guess because i know i do it and i dont have OCD.

I have pretty mild OCD, but one thing that annoys the crap out of people is I have to sit on a chair, or bike or anything from the left side. A lot of times I'll have to ask people to move, and that's kinda awkward with a whole side of the chair wide open. Another story: when I first told my best friend I had OCD he said, yea I might too, so he opens Google Chrome and says "whenever I open this I always have to move the task bar to the bottom then back to the side." A minute after that he opens it up again, completely forgets too, then panics and says "ohp, gotta move the bar, hue hue." Now if I'm done boring you I'll be going.

Is it still considered OCD when you fuck it up? I thought OCD was about having "rituals" that have to be done and exact way for a specific cause

Don't be rude.

Yes it is certainly still OCD... the obsessions and compulsions are what make OCD what it is. Even if the compulsions aren't carried out, the disorder is still present.

I wasn't exactly being rude, I was asking a legitimate question based on my perception of OCD. Since I don't know anyone who says that have legit OCD, what I think about is sadly based off of mostly Monk. Yes, I know it is an extreme over exageration of the condition, but betweem that and what I have heard, failing to do something would drive an OCD person crazy.

It's not how it's done. It is if its done. OP meant to lock it a 16th time.

Thank you 10, for answering me in a kind manner. I was under the impression that needing to fulfil the compulsion was part of being OCD, not simply having it.

People with OCD have persistent and invasive thoughts that lead to a great deal of anxiety. Such as one man, constantly thought about chopping his sister up into little pieces and bucking her in the oven. The obsessive thoughts lead to so much anxiety the people adopts ritualistic compulsions in order to neutralize the obsessive thoughts. Such as praying, hand washing ect... I hope that helps

Asking if that's still OCD is like saying "is it still cancer even if you don't die?".

Cancer doesn't always cause death. Derp.

I think that was her point.

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You're Overly Conscious of Doors? Me too! It's good to know I'm not the only one.

Pretty sure he/she was joking guys, lighten up!

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I should not have found this as funny as I did...

Sucks for you, OP! I understand why you have OCD. I myself have a small thing. When I touch one of my fingertips(even accidently), I have to touch all my other fingertips too before I can do anything else. But as the top comment says: Maybe checking a 17th time wouldn't hurt, though it's a lot...

His or her's ritual is to lock the door 16 times, though. It's not that easy to just do it an extra time, they'd have to repeat the whole ritual over again.

When someone brushes my arm the wrong way, it bother me, and I have to "fix" it by brushing it the right way. Oh god I'm strange.

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You think your strange, if I blink and it didn't feel like a "good" blink ill continue blinking till it feels right... Same with inhaling, I have no idea what I consider wrong or right :/

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If I touch something with one hand, I have to touch it in the same spot with my other hand - otherwise, the hand that touched the object feels heavier. It doesn't always happen, but when it does I look like an idiot. xD

Another thing is, if I spin one direction, it's like I almost feel the need to "make it even" by spinning equally the other way. Gosh, I'm glad there's a few of us weirdos out there.

Actually everyone exhibits a little bit of the OCD tendencies. The criteria for the disorder is when it starts to actually effect your life (ex. washing your hands forty times a day or running home to check if the oven is on every half hour) and cause extreme anxiety. Nikola Tesla had to walk around the block of a building he was entering three times before he would go in the building. Every day.

When I lock my door and go to work in the morning, because it is such a daily routine, sometimes I do it without even my brain functioning, and I couldn't recall if I locked the door or not when i am half way to work. I had this very strong urges to go back and check, sometimes i actually go check, but later I realized it is just my brain messing with me and learned to ignore it.. I guess mine isn't as severe as yours..

I have it too, but I like have to touch ALMOST EVERYTHING four times. Idk why it's 4....

I know how you feel. *bro fist*

Bro fists are stupid.

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You're stupid.

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That's a stroke of bad luck. Sorry it happened OP, hope you can replace whatever was stolen. Also don't feel too bad. Everyone has an OCD tendency about one thing or another.

I used to uncross my spins as a kid. If I spin one way, I have to spin back the other way to make it even. Does/did anyone else do/used to do this? (I hope the phrasing is right)

I had a symmetry thing happening when I was a kid. Though not so much any more. If a spot on my arm or my leg or whatever part of my body got a random itch, I would have scratch that itch as well as the same spot on the other side of my body so that the scratching felt symmetrical. I could also never let my left foot be the final footfall when going up or down a flight of steps.

When I get paper money, I have to make all the heads face the same way, and put them in order, like if I'm given a 5, 10, and a 1, I have to put it in order 1, 5, 10. Lol

I do all three AND count when I walk

This is exactly why people overuse the term OCD. No, not everybody has an "OCD tendency". When someone has OCD, they obsess and perform their rituals because they have an irrational fear that something bad will happen if they don't. And their compulsions most often negatively affect their daily lives. Most people have certain things that they do in a certain way...because that's how they like it or it just feels right to them. But clinically speaking, it is not OCD. Also, OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. You cannot have a disorder "tendency." As someone who has actually been diagnosed and is one point away from the severe category, and as someone who has a degree in the subject (and now working on my second) I take offense to people who throw around the term casually because at the moment it happens to be the cool thing to have. People wouldn't be so quick to proudly tell everyone about their OCD if they had any clue about the crippling fear that comes with it and how difficult it is to actually live with even just ONE of my compulsions.

53, I'm not saying that I have OCD

ShyAnn29- She wasn't talking to you, she was talking to 11.

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53- I never said everyone has OCD, I only said a tendency like it, of course not as bad as the disorder itself. I have a friend who has OCD and she once told me everyone has some sort of tendency like it.

53, completely agree and I am laughing in effigy and mind-boggled discombobulation to see how people have their tendencies and think it's hard. As a person who recently earned a degree in psychology and diagnosed at 14 with OCD - I can't help but to point out people speak out on here as if OCD is something everyone has and it's trivial. Lol, people don't know what OCD is and how it is deemed, on a biological and clinical level.. But I wish not to maintain my disdain I currently behold, I will discard that and if anyone would like to know about OCD, you may PM me and I will gladly answer them for you.

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Get into therapy

This is why you can't have nice things.