By ohno. - Canada
Today, at work while washing the dishes I was told to go put some things into the big freezer at the back of the store. While doing so, the door closed behind me, so naturally I pushed it, only to have my wet hands freeze to the door. I yelled to my manager for 10 minutes before help came. FML
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  plexico  |  3

That whole gun thing is exaggerated. In any case, you can get your own. Some women really enjoy shooting them off (at a firing range at paper targets, mostly.)

By  teach09  |  0

YDI!!! I go from doing dishes to going into the big cooler at work all the time..not once have I gotten stuck to want to know how???? I wipe my hands..whether on a paper towel on the way in..or on my pants....ughh..stupid people