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is this from spongebob?

Well, you know what they say! Cold hands, warm heart. ;D


That sucks:/ it would have been worse if u had gotten fired

i hope your skin ripped off when you finally got your hands off the door :U

What the heck? That's so mean, so he made a mistake. You shouldn't wish him ill..

YDI for working at Burger King

So because they slipped up, they deserve to have a lack of skin on their hands, you sir are what is known as an (clears throat) asshole,arse, cunt, dick, fucktard, faggot, loser, gaytard, asswipe, vag, and and just a plain old bastard -the enigma

That's harsh

Fuck your lifee dood

How is this an FML? You canadians love the cold, pussy.

Haha. Silly misinformed non-Canadian. The majority of us dislike it as much as anyone else.

Fiesty Pixie, you'd always be welcome here in Texas where it never gets really cold. ;)

Haha I know that's right, we get a cold front here and the temp is like 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

Haha, thanks Plexico. =D Though the legality of guns makes me a little nervous. *twitch* jk. ^-^

That whole gun thing is exaggerated. In any case, you can get your own. Some women really enjoy shooting them off (at a firing range at paper targets, mostly.)

that's a stereotype!!! not all canadian's love the cold.

We more adapt to the cold rather than like it. Canadian winters in sone places are pretty bad .. :/

okay ignore the cold. wouldn't you be panicked to have your hands frozen to a door? would you just sit there and not say a word??

Glad you're still alive, but FYL dude o_o

Well, you know what they say! Cold hands, warm heart. ;D

Well, you know what they say! Cold hands, warm heart. ;D

YDI for not drying your hands first.

why wouldn't you at least wipe your hands on your pants..?

I was going to say YDI, but then I remember how lazy I am about drying my hands. FYL.

YDI!!! I go from doing dishes to going into the big cooler at work all the time..not once have I gotten stuck to want to know how???? I wipe my hands..whether on a paper towel on the way in..or on my pants....ughh..stupid people