By sickofit - United States - Charlotte
Today, at work, our boss's son came in to help. The whole time he was there he sat in the back on his phone not helping and whenever we asked him to do something, he had an attitude. The only time he voluntarily got up to help was when his dad came in to check on the restaurant. FML
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  teentee401  |  36

I don't know about that, 14. I've seen quite a few FMLs on here where the boss' kid's word is always law and they never believe that their kid is anything less than perfect. The employees usually get in trouble for even daring to criticize.

  Silver7827  |  14

I might be interpreting the FML incorrectly, but from what I gather, the son doesn't work there, he only is there to "help" probably for the holidays. Point being, he probably isn't getting paid for being there

By  Tyrez  |  32

Sounds all too familiar. Boss's children probably just figure that one day they will own the company anyway so why help out on the front lines.

  LivToFail  |  28

Not always true, im guessing the boss is just as shitty as the kid. My parents run a small buisness and I usually go and help out, if im being lazy I get my ass chewed like the rest of the employees. Plus, if that kid doesent want to help, chances are he wont want to inherit the buisness.

By  BoxFullOfLazy  |  25

I would say tell the boss, but do you really want to deal with that drama? Besides which, I'm sure dad knows how lazy his son is without his employees being tattletales. Is it fair? No, but life seldom is.