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  jonomc  |  12

And u have definitive proof of this fact? You have the statistics? There was a test of this done and it was proven that this area is more racist than the average of the other parts of America? Or, are you being racist to people from the South of USA?

Racism has many forms. All of them bred from ignorance.

  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

49, the south IS known for racism more than any other region. It's not something that's made up. The south has a race issue. The south is also more known for homophobia. Stating this doesn't make it mean, nor does it make the person pointing it out a bad person. It just means that they're more vocal about their intolerance in the south, and people have noticed it.

  HylianWarrior  |  21

49 it's not at all the same thing. 9 is simply stating that there is a stereotype that the coworker in the FML is enforcing. In the coworkers case she judged an individual based off of stereotypes and his appearance. Stating that someone fits a terrible stereotype is far from judging people based off of a stereotype.