By Quicky5_ - 03/11/2015 06:58 - United States - Jasper

Today, at work, my coworker's belongings went missing. Infuriated, she accused me of stealing, because I'm black and "stereotypes don't just make themselves." FML
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"Correct, stereotypes don't just make themselves. Racist assholes like you do." Then walk away.

Nope, idiots have that part covered.


Nope, idiots have that part covered.

So stupid. Smh at this woman. Report her to HR immediately.

Not sure if you're taking about the idiots who act into the stereotypes or the idiots who enforce them. I guess both.

Slap a bitch, you've got good reason.

is she blonde? you could have asked her that^

stereotypes do make themselves in the case of blondes

Why would he have to ask her? Hell, HE'S LOOKING AT THE GIRL EVERY DAY.

Racists are the absolute worst kind of people. Rise above, OP - she's not worth even a second of your precious time.

Actually the best thing to do is go to HR. That's racism and no decent company should put up with employees like that.

well i wouldn't say worse, people like Hitler who kill people who aren't what they picture as the master race. now those are horrible people.

Hitler was a racist too. What part of master race did you not understand?

That girl, needs a chill pill.

report the racist idiot

IExcelAtFood 17

Alabama, not surprising smh

and yet another stereotype. you think the KKK isn't anywhere else except in the south?

Doesn't sound like a kkk incident. Sounds like a racist southern state incident which is quite common....

And u have definitive proof of this fact? You have the statistics? There was a test of this done and it was proven that this area is more racist than the average of the other parts of America? Or, are you being racist to people from the South of USA? Racism has many forms. All of them bred from ignorance.

Good to see the South of the USA is living up to its' stereotypes.

You're not much better than the racist in OP's post if you're generalizing an entire region due to the actions of smaller areas

49, the south IS known for racism more than any other region. It's not something that's made up. The south has a race issue. The south is also more known for homophobia. Stating this doesn't make it mean, nor does it make the person pointing it out a bad person. It just means that they're more vocal about their intolerance in the south, and people have noticed it.

49, It'd only have been as bad as the coworker if 9 said that everyone in the south was like that. But they didn't.

49 it's not at all the same thing. 9 is simply stating that there is a stereotype that the coworker in the FML is enforcing. In the coworkers case she judged an individual based off of stereotypes and his appearance. Stating that someone fits a terrible stereotype is far from judging people based off of a stereotype.

You should have a talk with her OP. Hopefully you can solve the problem. Racist co-workers are the worst.

countryb_cth 38

Talking to the coworker probably wouldn't do much since most racists believe they're right. The best thing OP could do is go talk to HR and let them handle it

don't pay attention to it firstly, I agree that she is wrong. secondly, people say stuff they don't want to when they are angry/tensed.

So I guess when I'm angry and I say "I'll stab you in the throat so that you'll bleed to death and can no longer breathe you bitch!" is no big of a deal. I see.