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Today, at work, I was talking to a customer. She kept shaking her head "no" at everything I said. I asked what she was disagreeing with. She told me she has Parkinson's Disease, teared up, and asked to speak to my manager. FML
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Inconsiderate? How the hell was he supposed to know?

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Ouch, sucks fo' you. My great-grandma had that terrible, but it never caused her to shake her head that way. Oh well, you didn't know! I understand her being a bit hurt for the misunderstanding, but no need in talking to the manager about that.


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what's parkinsons???

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Aww that's so sad...but how were you to know??? ♥

#1, how the fuck was OP supposed to know the customer had Parkinson's? I'm pretty sure he can't read minds!

yeah, the OP's getting a hard time for something you shouldn't expect him to know... it's like someone else walks in shaking their head along to music. 'well, after last time I'll not take any chances.' :/

its funny because they weren't actually saying no

13- google is a search engine

The customer deserves it for not nodding yes.

20 - He knows that. He's making a point that you clearly missed. Well. Done.

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Lol'd @21

LMFAOwned 9

#20 - What's a sense of humor? Answer: Something you don't have! Zing!

24 wanna remove the chip from your shoulder? coming across as a right moody cow isnt attractive, oh niether is your picture :) personality matches the appearence haha

lmao as if you actually just changed your picture! ahahaha

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32/33, calling people names like a third grader is even less attractive. And you don't even have either the pride or the creativity to post an avatar yourself.

im on my phone i cant put a picture up. & ok, i actually agree but hey im a childish mood tonight :)

People like to fight online makes them feel awesome, although just makes them look like a tard in the end. They'll never learn that true fact.

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Two of my grandparents had parkinson's, it's super weird that she would treat u that way. It's just the kind of person she was, u didn't do anything wrong. I would say not to worry about it cuz honestly there was no way for you to know. She probably just wanted something free.

@20 13 was being sarcastic.

32, throwing insults around for no apparent reason (rather... to make yourself feel better) isn't attractive. I'm making a comment to the idiot up there ^^. Look how many others do it, and guess what? You aren't calling them moody cows. Someone's got something against me? Good. I'll deal. Thank you, 39.

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20 they weren't serious. they were telling the person that asked what parkinsons was to google parkinsons to find out.

20 you made me laugh haha awww.

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everyone whose anyone has parkinsons disease. ydi for being an old fashioned squarebait.

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#6 it's like not knowing who ghandi is!

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What if 20 was just reversing the joke and everyone else has no sense of humor? Either way, it's not really idiotic because they weren't being hostile when they said it was a search engine.

Meh, life goes on

#1 your a dirty fuckhead WTF there is no fucking way that the OP could have known. your a fucking douche

Anthrophobia 2

I think it was the OP's tone that made her tear up. If you said it with an attitude, YDI. Otherwise, FYL.

20- what's that disgusting picture you have?

32 -you don't sound childish you sound like yer in a bitchy mood and flipping a bitch on random people is really fucked up and unattractive!

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How is OP mean? I mean seriously how the hell was he supposed to know?

there's nothing to indicate whether the op actually yelled at the customer or we really can't blame em

20-Yankees Suck!!!!

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for all u people flaming 20, he is obviously joking around too

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OP, you should have started cursing like crazy and just screamed random curses, like "FUCK ASS BITCH MOTHERFUCKER" and then claimed you have Tourettes. And then apologize to the old lady and tell her that some of the things you say are involuntary. Or, you could just roundhouse kick her in the face. That always works for me.

what a bitch smack her so hard she stops shaking her head

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the thought occurred to me that I find this hard to believe... if she was advanced enough in her disease to tick that way, she'd have had it a while. I would assume someone simply asking "what are you disagreeing with?" wouldn't cause her to tear up, especially because realistically she has probably dealt with many more dickheaded responses and situations. unfortunately people with parkinsons have to deal with a lot of ignorance induced staring and questions, and (sadly) insults. so, OP, did you really act as inoffensive as you claim... or is this bullshit?

did you get fired.

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20 you're Uboa I swear

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It's funny because 20 is a retard.

Quit bashing people without an avatar. I use FML to comment and read. Therefor I don't care that people don't know what I look like or like, regarding my avatar. I can't be bothered to choose an avatar and upload it when it's giving out info I don't even want to share. Other than that, nice arguement. And regarding this FML, don't want to write another comment for it to tell me I have to wait 60 seconds.. I'm pretty ignorant with this diease, but I thought it just caused shaking.. OP writes that they were saying 'No' too. So that's kind of confusing... but correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway OP, always be polite and stuff...

lol i love how people get so personal in the comments!!

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88 - Just the best team in baseball. Unlike those awful Boston Teams and there selfish jerk fans :)

138- sucks I'm a jays fan .. :)

112 - shut up and learn what tourettes really is before you go and make assumptions. I have tourettes and that does NOT happen. it's usually small movements like shaking you hand or blinking a lot. Tourettes effects your speech only in the worst and serious cases. OP - the lady shouldn't have expected you to know she had parkinsons

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84- You have a fear of flowers?

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6 - It's a really bad disease, my dad has it :(

115: It doesn't matter how long you've been ill or how often others comment on it; some days are just a lot more difficult than others when you're not "normal." She could've simply been more emotional that day, and didn't have the energy to fight back the tears. I've been there. 133: OP just thought the lady was disagreeing because her head was shaking; she never actually said "no" to anything. That was the problem.

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I wasn't arguing that all days are the same. i know it matters when you're exposed to a lot more of these situations over time and as a result become more experienced in handling them. it's a popular topic in group therapy. ive never seen any of my patients react this way over something so trivial and unintentional, regardless of how their day was going. even when some jackass purposely said something terribly offensive, they usually handled it with grace and ignored the douche until an appropriate forum to discuss the incident presented itself (like a support group, therapy, dr appointment). regardless of all the maybes, my only point is that i have a hard time believing the op was as calm and/or polite as stated to gauge a reaction like that.

@ #32/33 - actually I thought #24's comment was totally reasonable. You obviously don't understand the term "chip on the shoulder" because you've misused it here and made yourself look stupid by trying to make #24 look bad.

it's when u can't control ur body and ur always twiching and u can barely talk and be able to communicate ..... u can't treat it and u die later on..... it's saddd

still of the op actually noticed that his arms and body was shaking he or she should have at least tried to not notice and not say anything :(

I had a friend that had it. your right it's nothing like that.

41- yes you can. I'm in my phone and I have one


and you're slightly is he supposed to know?

Maybe you should use Google to search for 'sense of humour'

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Wow 32... You are a jerk. Was that really a necessary comment? Grow up.

johnrdz3 24

32/33/41 I am on my phone and have a picture. Don't give us bs excuses. Don't try to bring someone down just cause YOU are insecure.

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you lose control of your body so it kinda ticks. Michael J. Fox has it

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it depends on the person and stage of the disease. I've worked with people with parkinsons, and the presence and extent of symptoms and tremors is often different from person to person. some of my patients had severe tremors and some had none. it's a progressive disease though, as time goes on you lose more control

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he/she had no idea she had a disease fyl for accidentally asuming she was a jerk

That sucks, but you really didn't know. So you're bot at fault in my book:)

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How is he being inconsiderate? He had no idea that she had parkinsons.

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ohhh my Jesus ur skinny

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lol I remember getting that pic and an entire set of that girl from 4 diff people back in 2008...if youre gonna lie, at least do it well

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i thought #9's pic was real O.o her boobs are waaayyy too big for her body...

9- wear a normal shirt.

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it's def fake 77. it is an odd looking pic, though...idk why so many girls use it

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is it weird that the first thing I noticed about #9 was the headphones, then her hair, then after that I saw her boobs?

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you're a gem of a boy lol

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plus I think they're just earmuffs...that bitch looks crazy either way though lol shits too extreme...the boobs, thinness, makeup and hair. she has pretty features, though, just IMO would look better more natural

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It's weird that all I saw was a door. What's everyone else talking about?

hey it's that one girl. post the rest of the set. and yeah old pic is old.

and you're right 95 they're earmuffs. her and her friend took lots of pics that night explaining the set. I hear there's recent ones but who the fuck cares? her boobs look nasty on her and they are indeed faaaake as well as 9 is a fake

the photo is clearly photoshopped & majorly fake. you're all idiots.

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it's not photoshopped, I've seen a ton of pics of her. just a ridiculous boob job.

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Ouch, sucks fo' you. My great-grandma had that terrible, but it never caused her to shake her head that way. Oh well, you didn't know! I understand her being a bit hurt for the misunderstanding, but no need in talking to the manager about that.

Inconsiderate? How the hell was he supposed to know?

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Finally someone said it, Jesus he didn't know.

How were you supposed to know what she was disagreeing with? Some people just like to complain. FYL

Well, you didn't know. And if her head is shaking like that because of her disease, then she should be prepared for questions like you asked. She's dumb, FYL, OP.

simplysarcastics 26

No, just emotional from her suffering. Sometimes people with ailments take offense, that's why I try to be aware of every situation as to not offend anyone. If someone like me who has experienced uncontrollable shaking and seen someone with it, I know its a issue going on they can't help. Why call her dumb for being emotional, it was just a misunderstanding.

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how were you supposed to know? I don't think you're at fault here :