By cstokes - 05/05/2011 04:44 - United States

Today, at work, I was supposed to have an easy two-hour shift, after which I was planning on attending a party that had been arranged to celebrate my graduation. Nearly six hours later, I am just getting home after being super busy and shorthanded at work for hours. I missed my own party. FML
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Totally a reason to set up ANOTHER party!

Don't kid yourself, you were never invited.


Totally a reason to set up ANOTHER party!

agreed^ sorry you missed you're party though:(. that would suck. hopefully everyone who attended doesn't think you are a douchebag who ditched all of them.

I agree with #1 Just make sure that in the next party --it's your day off! :)

Fyl, that really sucks.

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It has nothing to do with OP not remembering. She was given more work hours than originally planned because there weren't enough staff members around.

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do you think this comment was aimed at the above FML about the homeschooled kid whose mom forgot what a verb is?

cptmorgan15 2

No. I just think this person has the reading comprehension skills of a dried up dog turd.

ur funny!!and ur right!!

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i dont think she really forgott lolol .. well mayb she did ahahaha idk but thatvreally really suxx :[

Maybe it was a shitty party!!!! xD. Parties are over rated, in my opinion anyway. They're not even that fun. But fyl, op.

so you must be quite a killjoy to find parties over rated.

Not really, I have lots of friends from all different social cliques(sp?). I just don't go party with them. We go out and such to do other things, but I never go to the parties. I think you assumed to much from one thing O.o.

It is quite interesting how many ways one can look at a small amount of information. Am I sociopath for saying this?

Don't kid yourself, you were never invited.

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Don't get too upset over it, they probably had a better time without you anyway.

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damn that's funny

8- I hope your saying from expretience

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48-Many, many years of experience. Life is better when everyone hates you, don't you think?

That sucks OP. Did anyone call to see if you were coming to reschedule? I would be really pissed. I would say you should've just left but I know that's not how working works. Sorry, op. FYL.

This is plain cruel. At least parties can be rescheduled

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Life's a bitch sometimes.

was it a party for pants?

anchorman reference FTW