By cstokes - 05/05/2011 04:44 - United States

Today, at work, I was supposed to have an easy two-hour shift, after which I was planning on attending a party that had been arranged to celebrate my graduation. Nearly six hours later, I am just getting home after being super busy and shorthanded at work for hours. I missed my own party. FML
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Totally a reason to set up ANOTHER party!

Don't kid yourself, you were never invited.


Totally a reason to set up ANOTHER party!

agreed^ sorry you missed you're party though:(. that would suck. hopefully everyone who attended doesn't think you are a douchebag who ditched all of them.

I agree with #1 Just make sure that in the next party --it's your day off! :)

Fyl, that really sucks.

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It has nothing to do with OP not remembering. She was given more work hours than originally planned because there weren't enough staff members around.

do you think this comment was aimed at the above FML about the homeschooled kid whose mom forgot what a verb is?

No. I just think this person has the reading comprehension skills of a dried up dog turd.

ur funny!!and ur right!!

i dont think she really forgott lolol .. well mayb she did ahahaha idk but thatvreally really suxx :[

Maybe it was a shitty party!!!! xD. Parties are over rated, in my opinion anyway. They're not even that fun. But fyl, op.

so you must be quite a killjoy to find parties over rated.

Not really, I have lots of friends from all different social cliques(sp?). I just don't go party with them. We go out and such to do other things, but I never go to the parties. I think you assumed to much from one thing O.o.

It is quite interesting how many ways one can look at a small amount of information. Am I sociopath for saying this?

Don't kid yourself, you were never invited.

Don't get too upset over it, they probably had a better time without you anyway.

damn that's funny

8- I hope your saying from expretience

48-Many, many years of experience. Life is better when everyone hates you, don't you think?

That sucks OP. Did anyone call to see if you were coming to reschedule? I would be really pissed. I would say you should've just left but I know that's not how working works. Sorry, op. FYL.

This is plain cruel. At least parties can be rescheduled

Life's a bitch sometimes.

was it a party for pants?

anchorman reference FTW