By pharmn00b - United States
Today, at work, I was calling customers to tell them that they had prescriptions waiting to be picked up. It was a long list and every time I reached an answering machine I left our number so they could call us back. When I was finished, the pharmacist told me I been giving out our fax number. FML
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  seb12992  |  0

Fuck the reply button. Dumbest idea FML ever had. What they should do is when you reply to someone's comment, there's a message at the top of your post stating who you replied to. It's so fucking annoying having to scroll through all those stupid pointless ass replies. Fuck the reply button.

  ellehcor  |  0

A long time ago my boss at the time gave me a fax to send out and I didn't look at it carefully before sending it. It was only after it failed to go through a few times that I looked at it again and realized I had tried to fax it to my boss's callback number (his direct line). I still don't know how many times he picked up his phone to have our fax squeal in his ear!

  zargon  |  1

What the less-than-articulate parent is *trying* to ask is "Shouldn't the OP know these numbers and, more importantly, know which is which so as to not get them confused?"


no they aren't.
You must be truly retarded. A FAX machine sends documents electronically over phone lines. A PHONE makes calls so other people can hear your voice.
CONGRATULATIONS you learned something today!
Now go tell all your retard buddies!!

  wolfy_fml  |  5

@ #31 - Not always. Most large companies have a dedicated phone line just for the fax machine. Small ones, like the tailor shops I work at, only have one line for the whole shop, because it is too expensive for more lines and since there are only 4 of us there it is easy to run over to the phone/fax combo and press the fax button when a fax rolls in.

  zargon  |  1

I'm really worried about the lack of reading comprehension today. #31 said nothing about phones and faxes being the same, but that their numbers have the same format. Or, at the stupidest possible valid interpretation, #31 believed that the number for the phone and the number for the fax were the same number. However, #31 did not say, nor imply, that phones and faxes are the same thing at all.

By  skullbuster  |  0

Did you get fired, did someone not get their meds, are you on disciplinary review? Where is the FML here? So what, you gave out the wrong number and you look as dumb as you probably are. There are people out there who had a $35 overdraft fee because they bought a $1.99 iphone app to manage their money, and some poor bitch who is falling asleep on mass transit only to be molested by hobos, while 9 year olds are telling everyone their divorced parents are having foursomes - try and put things in perspective and be a little less self-involved.


The FML here is she probably had to call all those people back and give them the right number. It's probably going to take a while.

And also, I love seeing Rhode Island FMLs, lol.


Shitty comments like yours, skullbuster, are just totally unwanted. Okay, this incident isn't that bad really. But the caption for this site is "Your everyday life stories", so any everyday stories which are annoying are welcome on this site. Leave if you don't understand that.

  gqduck  |  0

It would probably be a good idea for YOU to get some perspective by stepping away from your computer and silly websites like FML and joining the real world. Or at least pick up a news paper. There are many other things going on in the world beside $35 overdraft fees.

  skullbuster  |  0

I was being sarcastic in my original post, you were just too dumb to understand it. FYL! Of course the $35 overdraft fee is insignificant, but it was also one of todays FMLs.

  plexico  |  3

Wow, you probably killed some people!

They didn't get their meds in time and they died.

Mass murderer? Yeah, I'll say your life is fucked. Prison life ain't fun.

  4ube_fml  |  6

#11 : exactly.
neh you told everyone that their meds were available, usually if you get some message, you just go and pick up the medecine instead of calling back.
Besides if the phone didn't work, an intelligent person would look out for the name of the pharmacy (they got their meds there so they must know the name of the pharmacy, if the op didn't say "hi this is the pharmacy...") on the yellow pages and get the right number.