By jemstuff - United States
Today, at work, I stopped in my boss/boyfriend's office to find him getting intimate with a girl. He then tells me that he is cheating on me, that he is dumping me, and that I am fired. Oh, and he is keeping the cat. FML
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you can sue him and lie to everyone that he said that unless you sleep with him you will get fired and now when he got bored he fired you. at lest u would make some cash on the break up. I'm just sayin'.

  starile  |  19

Unless it's an AMAZING dream job, why would she go through all the trouble to sue for wrongful termination for personal issues if she's going to have to been in a work environment with HIM as her boss? Baggage and drama to the max.

You're free now to make a new start, OP. New man, new job, new opportunities!


yes but m question was where the hell does the cat fit into the story, it was about OPs boyfriend cheating on and breaking up with her, and out of nowhere she says something about a cat.

By  nyc718  |  0

well open ydi. Rule #1 never get in a relationship with the boss. Unless there is probable cause he can't fire you, I say Sue his ass. Oh, and if you bought the cat and he takes it then that is considered theft. Hit him where it hurts.... his pockets