By mando - 06/10/2011 15:14 - Australia

Today, at work, I refused a customer a refund because there was nothing wrong with the item, and she didn't have the packaging. I then watched as she and her son rummaged through a public bin for the packaging. When I refused her again, she called me a "fucking idiot". FML
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Isn't customer service awesome?

five posts giiirl we get itt holy fuckkkk


Isn't customer service awesome?

Tell me about it. I worked at a pizza shop over the summer, assholes treat the pizza better than the employees 90% of the time.

because pizza it's amazing.

hopefully not everyone is like that

Customer service is often too good. Corporate America bends over backwards because they don't want a complaint on their record. Customers are more arrogant now than ever. It's unfortunate that employees are too afraid of losing their jobs to stand up to some of these petulant, greedy bastards.

114 - so true, i work in retail and we all have to suck it up when it comes to rude/bitchy customers. in the months to come, they're trying to reform the customer service experience to be better than ever for the customers, but man this is gonna be HELL for us. pretty much EVERYONE hates working there, it's stressful, but most of us have no choice and we need the job (like me). this is why you should do well in school, so you can get better jobs than this

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I got called the exact same thing for walking on the right side of the sidewalk... Apparently you're only allowed to walk on the left side or random ladies start swearing at you :/

#119 "oh no you had a slightly annoying thing happen today. I have no sympathy for you because it's not even comical. grow up and/or find a new line of work please.". So, working in retail means we're still to young? why should we grow up? Grow a brain, and that "slightly annoying thing" could've gotten you fired. I work in food service, I deal with crap like this, but you probably wont feel sympathy, arrogant ass...

#119 - And you sir, are a bitch.

I work at customer service at my job I wish I can say no.

Call the manager.

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Yea go ahead thumb down my commet, Fucking dickheads So fucking silly, i wish i could beat you all up for thumb downing my commet. Write your own damn commet bitches, don't give a shit about what I write because I don't give a shit what do your stupid brain thinks...

KaanTech, calmer down beast.. no need to go into rage mode just because people thumbed you down.. chill out.


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Most of the the time they're assholes who think employees live to serve them..

Well most company's corporates think that, and they pay the minions that have to fallow customer service rules... Aka costumer service... Satisfaction and customer gratification.... You dont see employees asking those things from the customer, do you?

sure, you don't "live" to serve people...however if you work in customer SERVice for example as a SERVER, I think you are being paid to serve people.

You get thumbs up I get down why does my comment not make sense.... Everyone put your self in The shoes of the customer not the op, that's more realistic.

Doesn't mean a customer should be an arrogant prick an abuse a service.

60- more realistic maybe if you are a rich sob that never had to work a shitty job to pay for your tuition...

That's what customers say when they're trying to rip you off!!

that 'customer is always right' thing is bs. like in the fml, the store probley had a return policy against accepting returns without the original packaging. so that would make the customer wrong for thinking the rules dont apply to her.

Time to smack a bitch

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How is that? If an item is out of it's package, missing the tag, and so on, it is not allowed to be returned. It's just normal policy for just about any store. I have yet to know of any store that would accept that return.

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five posts giiirl we get itt holy fuckkkk

No, the mother was kind of stupid for thinking she could return that item and get her money back. For all op knows it could have been stolen especially if there was no receipt. If there was a receipt too bad still op must follow policy or be penalized. Plus how would you've able to resell an item without packaging? Open box sure that means a big discount, but no packaging? That's very odd and I wouldn't buy it.

You're an idiot #7, the op is not at fault in this situation, most customers are inbred assholes...

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Your kinda' stupid.

before anyone says it.... 35- *you're 32- you 28- i use the app and have never posted five times damn and the customer is just acting like a dumb ass in this situation.

Drink drain-o #7, YDI.

Bed bath and beyond

Why could'nt you just give her the refund? It's not like you're loosing anything.

82 - How about possibly losing their job if they break corporate policy?

And you're kinda fucking retarded

17, true....but EVERYONE is a customer. We all buy something from someone at one time or another in our lives. Though you are correct, the human species is full of arrogant assholes.

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95- the human species is full of arrogant assholes? Really? Have a little faith in people. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect, but to go and say that the entire human race is made up of arrogant assholes? What about charity workers? And volunteer firefighters? What about the police who keep your pessimistic ass safe every night?

He said it's full, not completely made up of arrogant assholes. I agree with him, most people that I've met are horrible monsters. But there ARE many good people, too. You just have to find them.

And just what made these people such horrible monsters, exactly?

Well what if you buy an item (electronic) in one of those plastic packaging that is impossible to open without cutting and basically destroying beyond repair, only to find out that the item isn't functioning properly. I think customers in certain situations are entitled to a refund or at least an exchange.

How the fuck is it op's fault??

I find it funny how ur a blonde and u posted the stupidest comment on this FML

I think that's already been asked..... dumbass

I work at walmart and most people that come in are assholes. They are always trying to get stuff discounted when its not and trying to rip us off. I had a lady once put $32 dr scholls shoes in a georges box with a $5 clearance sticker. They think we are stupid and that we are scum and they do whatever they please cause they are a customer and we must bow at their feet. Well fuck that. I love my job but i hate the assholes that think they can do and say and get whatever they want however they want.

Sounds like she is setting a great example for her kid. Next she will teach her child how to rob good will.

They also literally keep you employed. Are you never a customer yourself? There are some truly rude people out there but many times I've seen situations escalate unnecessarily because employees have a chip on their shoulder and get personally offended like they own the shit and customers with short tempers because they've been treated poorly too many times before. Just saying, people aren't all bad. Your attitude sucks, however. Sounds like you don't belong in customer service.

Damnit, this was not supposed to be here! Comment was a reply to the other #8-Jujubilee -_-

unless you never wear clothes or eat food whatsoever you are a customer as well. so you are stating you hate yourself?'re a customer too.

Yeah and what kind of customer are you?

So u hate urself because I do believe ur a customer.

I hate customers... They're literally some of the dumbest, rudest, stinkiest people ever!

Yeah. If it wasn't for those damn customers, our businesses could run smoothly... wait..., what?

comment bug...

"Those fuckers sold me dirty underwear!!"

Im sure theres more stickers idiots

Try working at a library, 70% inbred creeps that smell like b.o. and firepit. I live in a shitty fucking town.

8, true....but EVERYONE is a customer. We all buy something from someone at one time or another in our lives. Though you are correct, the human species is full of arrogant assholes.

Ya and i hate it when im working at a hotdog stand and someone comes and pays for a hotdog like seriously there not there to be eaten

Fhl for being an idiot

You're just doing your job. Forget about her

Wow, such violence. I am slightly turned on.

That was for the other #11 not you

Then laugh hysterically as the cops take you to jail? No.

Girly style picture, now thats gangsta