By cosmonaut - / Friday 7 August 2009 09:18 / New Zealand
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  USMC_Marine  |  0

Shut up u stupid bitch stop trying to hack us.
Can somebody tell me what op means? I know it means the writer of the fml.
To the op: go suck a fat one. It's just a pencil calm down

  delude  |  26

Well to be fair, if I had to talk to someone that many times about taking my stuff, I'd automatically assume that person took the pencil. But jeez OP you couldn't have found a better way to deal with the situation?

By  vespero  |  0

Dude...it's a pencil. would asking nicely kill u? if it turned out that she had taken it, then u could have just told ur boss or something. ydi for freaking out and not bothering to check to c if she had even taken it

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