By liz - / Monday 8 March 2010 01:46 / United States
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  Ouroboros_fml  |  0

that actually sounds kinda awesome... is the cat dead because it was put in the freezer? you should get a second freezer and randomly steal the cat and hide it in your freezer. When he throws more toast at you, you should tell him that he shouldn't have bought a Schrodinger brand freezer, if he says it isn't, write it on his freezer with a sharpie, x out the real brand and say 'now it is'

  gagtjs  |  0

that cat wasnt frozen it was kept in a box with poison that could go off whenever as a experamant in wich people could think it was both dead or alive :D

  MidgetMonster  |  0

wrong. the cat died and is mowing the freezer until he can convince somebody to bury it or creamate it, instead of throwing it in the trash. he must have really loved that cat. er


A dead... CAT...? In his... FREEZER...?!?! WTF is wrong with the vet? I mean, I don't think war trauma can make you do that. could be wrong, so don't go yelling at me b/c I said "I don't think" it could be a cause.

  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

#7 That's because you are an idiot.

It's pretty obvious why the cat is in the freezer (beloved pet passed away and is awaiting burial or cremation etc., it's VERY frequent with people who care for their pets and don't want to just throw them in the trash when they pass away).
Although the fact that it's completely irrelevant to the FML or to the toast incident makes OP a douche who is presenting the old vet as some nutjob by manipulating idiots with the info about the cat. This alone makes me want to throw toasts at OP too.

I'd say the old vet has it right, and OP deserves it.

  Ouroboros_fml  |  0

@thoughtcrimeno1: not fail, win! this is the interweb, failtard, go commit your thoughtcrimes elsewhere, before I throw you down a memory hole!

@moemoemoe: are you halftarded enough to think we don't know about schrodinger's cat, of course it wasn't a freezer, that's the whole reason for a second freeEr and randomly abducting the cat. instead of 'is it alive or not' the question becomes 'is it there or not' so it does apply, dumdumdum

  cater2U  |  0

I knew a kid that raped a kitten and put it in his freezer maybe this guy is his grandpa. and OP toast doesn't hurt unless he shot multiple pieces of it at high speeds.

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