By fistpumpin4life - France
Today, at work I asked a woman how she was doing. When she replied, I didn't understand her, and instead of asking her what she said, I just replied with, "oh that's good." What she told me that I didn't understand was that her husband had just died. FML
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By  DudeBTM  |  8

Today, I got asked how I was doing. Still affected from my husband's death, I told the worker about it. They just replied with "Oh, that's good". FML

  un_nomable  |  6

I see the comments that survived clearly make no sense so I might have missed something not important but I am curious-how does being tiny make someone deaf now, O.o

  xxniteskie  |  1

OooOoh okay. That makes more sense, because I've never personally met someone who actually sits and reads before scrolling down and clicking " I agree." haha =P

  marinus_fml  |  19

lmfao I know right?! it's Like every now and again you have to accept iTunes new terms and conditions when downloading apps...and then it's like 58 pages of reading.. I was like WTF no one gonna read that shit ><

  xxniteskie  |  1

Seriously! I understand it's required for legal issues but come on...There needs to be a condensed version so reading it can be more realistic -_-

I know it's way different, but it kind of reminds me of when movies flash that page-long legal thing right before it starts. You know, the one up for a whole .5 seconds where you can read the first 4 words? I know, different, but my mind just associates. =P

By  nikkibeez  |  0

so sad :( ... I do that all the time also, not understanding what someone says and just smiling and nodding. I guess I shouldn't do that anymore.. you kinda deserve it though OP.

  xxniteskie  |  1

I normally just lift my eyebrows a little and say "Oh really?" with no distinct expression and wait to see the facial expression accompanied by their response. ^.^ Then you at least know which general direction to head to finish the coversation.