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Today, at work I asked a cute, albeit slightly large customer, her name. Being hard of hearing, I thought she said "Porky" and asked her about it. Turns out she'd said Courtney. FML
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Th th th that's all folks. Ah I made myself lol.

Why wouldn't you just say "sorry, I didn't catch that. Can you repeat your name"? I guess you don't go far with the ladies


what if she was a vegitarian

what if you weren't such a moron?

What if eating meat has a small relation to the name porky? What if you look like a slab of meat, or in your case, your brain is a slab of meat, that doesn't mean you eat it.

Well.. curiosity did kill the cat... In your case "Porky killed OP".

But going back to your comment "what if she was a vegetarian".... So what? The girl was overweight, that's the FML here dumbass. That's like me asking, What if she were Jewish?

# 34, did the "slightly large customer" fart? No! What's the link with the past FML? Vegeterians can't be called Courtney? If it is a reference, it is a pretty stupid one. I think # 1 ejaculated a little too early with this one.

I wouldve loved to see the look on poor courtneys face

I hope you don't work at Denny's, she won't be ordering the pork special.

My name is Courtney... Haha

does anyone ever call u porky?

I think 1 meant it would be doubly offensive if she were named PORKy, as she wouldn't ear meat, yet was named after one.

What if she were Jewish?

I know you got a lot of mean comments, but just so you know I know what you ment and found it quite funny :)

Congratulations! Go eat pork now.

78- and my name is Ana

i officiqly think ur rlly cool

are you sure it wasn't Chloe ???

83- and so the two biggest idiots of FML found each other...

Make way for the big girls

Beep beep get out of the way

I think I know her. Was she asian?

Why the f#!k would her name be porky?? Did you honestly believe that was her name?

Yep. In such times one should say 'I'm sorry, I didn't catch that' Especially since the OP is hard of hearing, he shouldn't assume that everything he thinks he hears is correct.

Move bitch get out da way..

Porkward? People have no creative comments anymore.

That wasn't even a creative comment back in the day lol you fail at the most basic of instincts making fun of others! EPIC FAIL!

Epic fail? Dude, that phrase became obsolete and unoriginal since 2007. There's absolutely no humor behind it anymore, and rather than laughing, I'm wanting to punch you. When your sense of humor exceeds that of a 12-year-old on Xbox Live saying he banged your mom, then comment on a thread with original content. Until then, shut up.

I thought It was funny. You guys seriously need to get out there in the world

I agree, it wasn't that bad. It made me giggle actually.

Did her neck fat jiggle?

He said slightly large not morbidly obese.

Agree with 13 anyway why would you want to know? Are you some weird man who has fat neck fetishes?

Francis Bacon strikes again.

Kevin Bacon?

mmmmmmmm bacon

Bacon cakin'?

Are you referring to the artist who is famous for his controversial depictions of the Pope on fire? If so, that makes no sense.

Th th th that's all folks. Ah I made myself lol.

I think you've brought lulz to the hearts of many with that one.

Thufferin' thuccotash, Kicky, you made a lot of us LOL :D

Mother fucker >.< I was gonna go post this.. Until I saw your comment.

38, HEY HEY watching the fuckin' language dipshit. As to kicky and perdix, "th-th-that-th-tha-th-th....... Go home folks"

Why wouldn't you just say "sorry, I didn't catch that. Can you repeat your name"? I guess you don't go far with the ladies

It sounds easy this way. In reality, it is. Guess OP won't make this mistake again.

Did she at least fill the potholes she left by walking through the store?

Lol funniest comment I've seen in my life

So you like the chunky ones aye!

Maybe she said Porkney

And your picture goes SO well with that comment. Because it's something Wayne is just dumb enough to say lol.

You sir, are an idiot.

...says the guy who idolizes a no talent ass-clown.

Aren't you pretending to be a mediocre rapper on the Internet? You sir, don't get to call people names.