By Anonymous - 18/01/2014 19:49 - Canada - Ottawa

Today, at work, a kid rushed into the bathroom to vomit. Understandable, except he threw up into the sinks. Sinks plural, whose drain holes are so small that only liquid can really pass through. Guess who had to clean up vomit chunks. FML
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fooltemptress 36

I hope you aren't a sympathy puker :/

FYL, and the kid's life. Chunks aren't fun either way!


olpally 32

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Although it's unfortunate for op, I don't think the kid should be obliged to help clean up. Hopefully, op had tools to make cleaning up easier.

Who knows, maybe the shitters were all occupied. Kid was sick, if he's anything like I was when I was a kid he probably just thought "Oh shit!" and didn't think it through. FYL though, it's not fun cleaning that up.

Don't think it'd be hard to clean up depending how quick the boss wants it done. From experience, I'd just pour bleach into the sinks, and let it unclog itself. Close the bathroom to the public until it's done. Alternatively, you can put on gloves and scoop it out and get it done right away, but if your stomache is as weak as mine, I think that might make a bigger mess of the situation.

I've had to do this before. there was a trashcan. and toilet. but you just put on the gloves, turn your head, and scoop. trust me, OP. you'll be ok. I promise.

At my work we used to have a playroom where children would stay while their parents were working out. One day this kid puked everywhere and it took me over an hour to tear apart the room and sanitize everything. As I later found out, he had the flu. So at least it could be worse but I feel for you OP.

Yeah, I've thrown up in a sink before. I was brushing my teeth and I gaged. It was in my college dorm shared bathroom so I cleaned it myself. Very unpleasant, I can't imagine if it was someone else's vomit.

fooltemptress 36

I hope you aren't a sympathy puker :/

FYL, and the kid's life. Chunks aren't fun either way!

toxic_walrus 15

Ugh my brother clogged my sink that way once and it was nasty. Sorry OP

That honestly stinks op! No pun intended.

There are worse places he could have vomited. But that's still gross.

I thought she was going to say the kid puked on her.

I work in a restaurant and a kid puked on the table once. The mother didn't tell me and just covered it up with a napkin. It was disgusting. I feel for you op. Cleaning up vomit is never fun.

euphoricness 28

At least you didn't have to clean his shit up.. Actually now that about it, it's just as bad. I would've cleaned it up myself though if I were the one to vomit chunks, and ESPECIALLY if it were my shit.

Weird_situations 13

That's disgusting! I feel for you OP!! Don't blame the kid, it's hard to hold in your vomit, let alone control where it goes. FHL for being sick and FYL

Ew FYL :( That would definitely make me throw up.

That's terrible, I feel for you!