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  airforce987  |  20

Why would she fire OP?

OP: Can I help you?
Boss: OP! It's me! Your boss!
OP: Oh my gosh! I am so sorry I didn't recognize you at first!
Boss: You... You didnt... Recognize ME?!?! YOU'RE FIRED!!!! *Hulk Smash and/or Bitch Slap*

right cuz that's what happened.


38- Considering the fact that quite a few states have a law that allow managers/bosses to fire employees for whatever reason they want, it's an entirely possible situation.

  airforce987  |  20

43 - I wasn't saying OP couldnt be fired for that reason, I'm saying OP wouldnt be. What would make her boss go into Hulk smash rage enough to fire her for not recognizing her?