By DramaticSigh - 15/08/2011 05:00 - United States

Today, at work, a customer came in. Since I was behind the counter, I asked if she needed help with anything. I've worked there for five years, and I didn't recognize my own boss. FML
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Well at least they know your a good worker

doyers11 0

Great customer service!!!!


Well at least they know your a good worker

Hey, that just shows that your training helped, and you're willing to help anyone needing assistance.

tylersign 11

Exactly. Just pretend that you knew who your boss was, and it was all intentional! ;D

Yeah, just play it off as you were trying to be helpful. But how the hell don't you recognize your boss after so long?

34, maybe the boss was pregnant?

I love how people are giving OP advice as if they're still in the situation

rallets 22

i love how you love it

doyers11 0

Great customer service!!!!

its funny cuz i did this today with my own manager he looked different w/out a suit

Maybe you coulda gotten that promotion you wanted if you learned her damn name!!

Or employee of the month

Pay boss a compliment on looks ????? Profit?

I'm surprised he didn't fire your ass! I suppose I does show him how helpful you are to the customers if anything..

Who said the boss was a he???

Apologies, (s)he.

Why would she fire OP? Scenario: OP: Can I help you? Boss: OP! It's me! Your boss! OP: Oh my gosh! I am so sorry I didn't recognize you at first! Boss: You... You didnt... Recognize ME?!?! YOU'RE FIRED!!!! *Hulk Smash and/or Bitch Slap* right cuz that's what happened.

Cereal_Is_Good 5

38- Considering the fact that quite a few states have a law that allow managers/bosses to fire employees for whatever reason they want, it's an entirely possible situation.

43 - I wasn't saying OP couldnt be fired for that reason, I'm saying OP wouldnt be. What would make her boss go into Hulk smash rage enough to fire her for not recognizing her?

Cereal_Is_Good 5

Some people in this world are ridiculous, and I bet there is a manager/boss somewhere that would fire someone over something as small as remembering a name.

fogrunner 13

if so, sue them and tell the court you have prosopagnosia, which seems to be the case. I have it, btw. :)

Time to get corrective lenses OP!!

wow your a dumbas$

sxe_beast 11

I think you should take a look at YOU'RE own comment before you call someone out on their stupidity.

Dax_3 2

You're a dumbas$, and Your own comment. Grammar police WIN.

I think #30 meant to be ironic.

sxe_beast 11

I did indeed intentionally use the incorrect homophone. That is why it is in all caps. :|

Pretend you were joking and laugh it off.

Maybe OP's boss has a really good poker face. Oh yeah, saw what I did there?