By Rawf - United States
Today, at work, a customer called in and asked me to read off every item on our menu, along with their ingredients. I work at Jamba Juice so that's a lot of reading. After about 10 minutes of this, I found out it was actually my stupid co-worker calling from the back phone. FML
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  lizzzie_fml  |  0

Sad thing is that some customers are that stupid! I spend all day on the phone to customers who really would call up for this sort of thing.
Next time, he'll be rude to the caller and it'll be a genuine customer. Sucks to be in customer service!

  _Noon_  |  0

Yeah, so totally right, that's definitely the smartest thing to do, since you'll probably get fired right away if your boss finds out.


By  redbluegreen  |  40

Sure you might not have recognized your co-workers voice... I can see it happening, but why didn't you ask the 'customer' to just come in the store? Or look on your website? Couldn't you ask a specific question like, "Are you allergic to anything?" I wouldn't have spent ten minutes on that.

Another thought... If you're on the phone, and your co-worker's in the back... who was minding the counter/register? I hardly ever see a Jamba Juice with three workers at once, and if so, you'd notice one of them missing that long.

How many customers know the number to your location anyway?

  ManiMartinixo  |  0

I know the number to my local Jamba Juice plus you can find that sort of thing online or in a phone book. And if it's found in a phone book it's possible that the person who found it didn't know where to look on the website, couldn't access the website, or is just lazy. Thus they call.

The coworker thing is true though.