By Diachronic - United States - Lewiston
Today, at the restaurant where I work, a guest choked on a bone from her crosscut ribs. She asked me to bring the manager over, so I did. When he got there, she complained that the bone could have seriously injured her, and we should be more careful of where we put the bones in the ribs. FML
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  azelk  |  8

We should have a test that everyone takes when they turn 13 - 14. This test would test their intellect. If they fail, we throw them in the gas chamber.

  kyu_Q  |  19

natural selection has failed do to warning labels. This restaurant will now have to serve their rids with a warn "there are bones in the ribs" or Risk being sued

  vairyhagina  |  11

I always wondered what the world would be like if you and your partner had to pass a "common sense" test before you could have children, think about it, a world where idiots couldn't create offspring.

  cakefete2  |  30

That's because there is a strictly enforced quota on the number of stupid things a person can say per day. Guess what she would have said, if on the way to the restaurant, she didn't say "wow, Rebecca Black is profoundly deep and lyrical."?

  girI  |  20

But wouldn't that make our gene pool too limited, resulting in interbreeding?

Especially if, like everyone here seems to agree, they make up such a large part of the population...