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It's sad that these people exist. Thank goodness for natural selection.

People like that are why we can't have nice things.


What an amateur

Can't beat it, join it.

FML is full of rib professionals.

You had one job as first comment

i woildnt be surprised if some people didnt know where the ribs came from because all they do these days is watch miley cyrus and take selfies

Poor 1st comment, always expected to be the best.

Like your comment.

It's sad that these people exist. Thank goodness for natural selection.

You mean goodbye natural selection, it doesn't work int the modern day :(

I don't know. Not having common sense leads to stupid accidents all the time.

Not often enough.

We need a new plague.

the intelligent are not immune to plague.

We should have a test that everyone takes when they turn 13 - 14. This test would test their intellect. If they fail, we throw them in the gas chamber.

Who let Hitlers son use FML?

"Please train your cows to watch where they grow their ribs!"

Unfortunately it failed in this incident

nooo, this is a failure of natural selection due to society allowing such poor intelligence to thrive

natural selection has failed do to warning labels. This restaurant will now have to serve their rids with a warn "there are bones in the ribs" or Risk being sued

I always wondered what the world would be like if you and your partner had to pass a "common sense" test before you could have children, think about it, a world where idiots couldn't create offspring.

People like that are why we can't have nice things.

"Ma'am, your supposed to discard the bone, not have intimate relations with it "

well isn't she a special kind of stupid

At least she didn't threaten to sue you.

That's because there is a strictly enforced quota on the number of stupid things a person can say per day. Guess what she would have said, if on the way to the restaurant, she didn't say "wow, Rebecca Black is profoundly deep and lyrical."?

Too bad she didn't, it would have been hilarious.

It would've been fun to be her attorney in that situation. "Uh, ma'am, you have no case."

That's what happens when you try to inhale ribs.

Maybe instead of complaining she should learn to chew her food.

Might have to put up a sign: Beware of bones

Caution: bone-in ribs may contain bones and rib meat. Also, hot coffee may be hot.

Just another reason i will never work with the public. They are idiotic dipshits.

That kind of people is supposed to be extinct

I guess there are still some out there

Then the human species would be extinct.

Let's grab our pitchforks and torches, and find the stragglers!

But wouldn't that make our gene pool too limited, resulting in interbreeding? Especially if, like everyone here seems to agree, they make up such a large part of the population...

*Those *are