By microtech - United States
Today, at the microbiology lab, I discovered that the guy who took the shift before me didn't sterilize the work space very well. I am now blowing chunks from both ends from a very nasty strain of E. Coli. My company blames me. FML
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  rahavan  |  15

I would like this story more if it were written properly. So FYL OP for living in the USA and not being able to write well. If English is not your first language I forgive you.

  MedKits  |  9

26- Surprising as it may be, a paper thin mask and some latex does not protect you 100 percent from viruses. Just go to a free clinic and ask any guy there who's condom broke.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Chances are that the other guy has it too. After all he was the one working there first in his "unclean" environment. E. Coli can be extremely serious though. My cousin got it once, passed out, went to the hospital and within 24 hrs she was almost dead. So ya, FYL Op!

  Serythvalker  |  7

But usually the employee on shift CURRENTLY, is responsible for the working environment. Yes it sucks when the one before you is irresponsible, and leaves a mess, but you can't leave it, it's your business.

  jackassiddy  |  8

I hate to say it but technically he is to blame.. The first thing I was taught for working in a lab is to sterilize your station before you do anything because of this exact situation.

  sulitak  |  27

Hospitals tell you the same: sterilize at the start and end of the project. so when I get in to work... I PDI the desk, and at the end of my shift I PDI it again...