By microtech - 13/12/2011 17:33 - United States

Today, at the microbiology lab, I discovered that the guy who took the shift before me didn't sterilize the work space very well. I am now blowing chunks from both ends from a very nasty strain of E. Coli. My company blames me. FML
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stinkmeaner 3

Thats why you should sterilize before you start your shift!!!

perdix 29

Or about finding a job.


This is why I want a bubble or riot shield

oreobunbun 3

I call bullshit

Don't you need to wear gloves and a face mask? Seems to me you skipped the rules and payed the price.

I can find one. I'm going into administration after. Thanks for the negativity though. :)

I would like this story more if it were written properly. So FYL OP for living in the USA and not being able to write well. If English is not your first language I forgive you.

26- Surprising as it may be, a paper thin mask and some latex does not protect you 100 percent from viruses. Just go to a free clinic and ask any guy there who's condom broke.

They fixed it. So my previous comment is now invalid.

I use a riot shield on COD because I'm a turtle , I just think it'd be cool to own one in real life.

E. Coli is not a virus...Just saying...

desireev 17

Rahavan- how does he not write well? It seemed pretty well typed out to me!

Already have one, thank you.

i hate my mum for moving from the UK to the US (taking me, my big sis, and my big bro with her), and I hate the US even more for existing, but DAMN that was cold

ImFrackinBored 13

Is it wrong if I read it as "took the shit before me" the first time?

IThinkItsAlright 7

That shit blows.

iamesauce 4

I think this FML is a load of shit.

Enough with the shit comments! We learned that they suck yesterday. -_-

iamesauce 4

I don't want to hear your shit.

I already have a job lined up. Good points, guys.

Well ya it's your fault...clean up Even after someone supposedly Did. Gotta watch your own back in this world OP!

TitsDaw 0

Find him!

Kick him in the nuts and see if he blows!

I swear if this op works at the microbiology lab that makes aspartame I think he deserves it you stupid lying greedy killers....

Chances are that the other guy has it too. After all he was the one working there first in his "unclean" environment. E. Coli can be extremely serious though. My cousin got it once, passed out, went to the hospital and within 24 hrs she was almost dead. So ya, FYL Op!

and make him regret not cleaning up after you find him!

dude that sucks.. I say leave your own mess for him

Capt_Oblivious 10

You should check out some Eboli and leave him a surprise.

iamesauce 4

What the hell is an eboli?

#23, a town in Italy.

leezach 7

Didn't you mean Ebola?

Maybe he meant Ebola and E-Coli mixed.

@65 Ohh, that sounds shitty...

diidiimi 10

Is Eboli the plural of Ebola? or is Ebola already a plural noun? Should the singular be Ebolus? Aargh, I'm confused!!

Okay ebola is just so much more fatal to a point where that wasn't even funny

Why blame you? He signed it out.

But usually the employee on shift CURRENTLY, is responsible for the working environment. Yes it sucks when the one before you is irresponsible, and leaves a mess, but you can't leave it, it's your business.

I hate to say it but technically he is to blame.. The first thing I was taught for working in a lab is to sterilize your station before you do anything because of this exact situation.

Hospitals tell you the same: sterilize at the start and end of the project. so when I get in to work... I PDI the desk, and at the end of my shift I PDI it again...

That's why I'm an English major. Don't have to worry about that stuff. :)

perdix 29

Or about finding a job.

I hate english majors and english teachers. *stink eye*

You have bigger problems. Like employment.

7- good luck with your "career"!

95 I laugh everytime I see that pic.

Damn Op at least u can find the guy cuz he does still work there right? If not find his home and send him a little dirty present ;)

Hahah do it!!

iloveboyswittats 10

There's a reason that they tell you to sterilize before AND after.

Aaaaaand this is why microbiology labs don't appeal to me. Feel better OP

blowing chunks from both ends?? fyl definitely maybe you can relieve yourself in his locker or something