By yumx24 - United States
Today, at the local swimming pool, my friend and I noticed two cute guys had just arrived. When they jumped in, we immediately took off our tank tops and got in the opposite end. They looked over at us, then looked at each other, got out of the pool and left. FML
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By  sarah2144  |  14

Ouch. That sucks dude...

By the way, first! :D Sorry, I know that's annoying but I've been trying to get it for a while and I never do. Woo!

But yeah, that sucks. Don't worry, those guys are probably douche bags anyway.

  misstripleu  |  0

it surprises me that no one has mentioned the possibilty that these guys decided to go to the pool to swim laps but when the 2 girls jumped in, they blocked the straight shot to the other end of the pool. the guys were probably annoyed that the girls jumped in at that moment, when they were about to get started, so they just got out


Okay, so they could've been douchebags. or MAYBE they were both taken and were trying to not be douchebags to their girlfriends.

I'm sorry this happened to you OP. Sounds really embarrassing. But YkDI for assuming they were single.