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Today, at the library, somebody left themselves logged in to Facebook on a public computer after they had left. Trying to teach them a lesson, I updated their Facebook status to something outrageous. That's when they came back to the computer after getting something from the printer. FML
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Well not to mention, he shouldn't have assumed that someone just left it up.
As I was reading this I was thinking, "Maybe they just went to the printer or to grab a book they looked up."

In a public library, if there's anything on the computer screen, you assume it's in use and leave it alone.

  Kukua  |  5

I do this to my students all the time. I'm a trainer at a company with strict rules about leaving computers unlocked for confidentiality reasons, so when they do, I flip the image on their screen upside down. Very few people know how to fix that. :)

  prince122  |  0

he could also sue you for messing with his computer. and lie by saying he was purchasing something and you tried to steal his credit card number and shit.

By  tardis99  |  0

While this is mildly embarrassing, this was also a learning opportunity. Instead of saying "FML," you should have either laughed at yourself and apologized, or else just have ridden the situation out with the alacrity of a bombast.

By  allmidnighteyes  |  10

People who like to read, people who do research, people who do homework, people who don't have their own computer/internet, etc.

This is especially true for high school and college-aged students :P