By Anonymous - Canada
  Today, at the end of another long workday, my husband announced that he was going to take a shower. Attempting to rekindle some much needed romance in our lives, I seductively asked him, "Want me to join you?" He replied, "Sure. But first I have to poop." FML
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  crystalxa  |  35

That's normal for men to shit before taking a shower. I think alot of people do it! Depending on the smell I think a little love making still could have happened.

By  alicianoar  |  7

Did he really say poop? Sounds juvenile. I bet he actually said "Sure, but first I have to take a banging shit. You know how curry makes me." and winked at you, before scratching his balls and letting out a tremendous stinky fart, and going into the toilet, where he ran out of toilet roll and had to wipe on the curtains.

By  amuck  |  0

can't help it when nature calls! you should have let him start showering for a few and then join him if you really love him. everyone takes poops, I'm sure you do to OP :)

  FMLforALL  |  0

I actually remember the episode where they 'proved' that girls fart more than boys. I was shocked that the participants rode horses all day with a tube up their keester!

By  SeasonedLemur  |  5

Not funny I once had a girlfriend that used to throw her faeces at me, no joke! Used to squirt one out into her palm and launch it at my face aiming specifically at mine eyes!!

  do20ss  |  4

13 appears to b 13, and who gives a shit about his grammar, r u grading this fml? understand where this man is coming from, shit flying at his eyes, give em a break....I'm sorry buddy, we can make it thru this