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Driving me mad

Today, at the crack of dawn, I started a 700-mile road trip with my three children. So far, I've stopped four times, settled several arguments, cleaned up spilled yogurt and melted silly putty. 130 miles down, 570 to go. FML
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  nikki908  |  3 Are you at a rest stop? Hopefully you are... I don't want another accident due to someone on their phone driving.
569 bottle of beer on the wall! 569 bottles of beer!!!


You know what I don't get. Everyone always gets mad at people for using the wrong "your" and sometimes gets on about "should of" but no one ever says anything about using the wrong "to" and stuff. if your gonna be a grammer Nazi, go all out and get errything.

  itsxashhhxo  |  0

just buy plane tickets. I'm sure it's well worth the convenience, no? YDI not only for driving 700 miles with kids but if you don't want to deal with that sort of thing, then don't have kids. it's a part of parenthood.

  vball_luvah  |  2

but what sucks is that the OP has to drive back and go through hell all over again. unless they take a plane. but kids on a plane is hell too. so that whole situation sucks.


Or just not go on a 700 mile road trip with young children...
I went on a 120 mile trip with two kids under 5 and that was exactly what I imagine hell to be like I don't honestly think I'd survive 700 miles...
I'm not someone who is easily annoyed but I'm not entirely convinced those kids weren't just tiny demons...