By Cyberdeeder - 13/10/2008 08:19

Today, at the cinema, I sat next to a guy who couldn’t stand a minute without laughing or making comments about the film. FML
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I fucking hate people like that

God, what a dick! Hope you told him off, and that he never watches a movie again.


God, what a dick! Hope you told him off, and that he never watches a movie again.

ydi for not running away and hiding in your closet playing ispy with yourself

well people tend to laugj when theyenjoy somethinyg funny

had the same experience,hate it

That is a little harsh.

I hate people like that!

I fucking hate people like that

yeah. a real fml is when the guy beside u is reading all the subtitles while ur watching a foreign movie that lasts 3 hours

Is this the first FML ever?

I've done that XD I love making up call backs to horror movies the Halloween remake was hillarious! Yeah, I tried to control myself...but god sometimes you just can't.

no no no noooo don't do that he has a knife agh I Warned ya...XD screaming ftw glad you enjoy it

I hope both of you choke on your popcorn.

uh yeah, i think it was obvious.

according to Shepard book he's going to go to a special part of hell

Oh, it was you staring and "shhht"ing me all the time then. (x

Quick solution TELL THE THEATER WORKERS. Seriously it seems childish but I've had people play music. You don't mess with me when I really want to watch a movie! :)

I'd be scared going to a movie with your then o.O

Lol well that sounds like black people (btw I'm black so it's cool, lol). We do that.

ya them damn niggers

Oh, I couldnt already tell

Punch that fucker in the fucking throat.

Yeah I know Lol! I was just going through the old ones. They are so lame!