By Cyberdeeder - 13/10/2008 08:19

Today, at the cinema, I sat next to a guy who couldn’t stand a minute without laughing or making comments about the film. FML
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I fucking hate people like that

SummerWind 0

God, what a dick! Hope you told him off, and that he never watches a movie again.


SummerWind 0

God, what a dick! Hope you told him off, and that he never watches a movie again.

beastmode21 0

ydi for not running away and hiding in your closet playing ispy with yourself

Snooopy_fml 5

well people tend to laugj when theyenjoy somethinyg funny

had the same experience,hate it

That is a little harsh.

I hate people like that!

I fucking hate people like that

cowgod 0

yeah. a real fml is when the guy beside u is reading all the subtitles while ur watching a foreign movie that lasts 3 hours

Is this the first FML ever?

I've done that XD I love making up call backs to horror movies the Halloween remake was hillarious! Yeah, I tried to control myself...but god sometimes you just can't.

bezach 0

no no no noooo don't do that he has a knife agh I Warned ya...XD screaming ftw glad you enjoy it

I hope both of you choke on your popcorn.

shabaloo 0

That sucks

aleeshttylXD 9

uh yeah, i think it was obvious.

abyssion1337 0

according to Shepard book he's going to go to a special part of hell

Oh, it was you staring and "shhht"ing me all the time then. (x

xMooMoox 0

Quick solution TELL THE THEATER WORKERS. Seriously it seems childish but I've had people play music. You don't mess with me when I really want to watch a movie! :)

I'd be scared going to a movie with your then o.O

Dark_Raven 0

Lol well that sounds like black people (btw I'm black so it's cool, lol). We do that.

woofootball09 0

ya them damn niggers

ashlii13111 4

Oh, I couldnt already tell

cakingjr 0

Punch that fucker in the fucking throat.

lexilovesyou 0

Yeah I know Lol! I was just going through the old ones. They are so lame!

MukyDaCookie 0

Punch him.