By Dehydrated - United States - Charlotte
Today, at soccer, I repeatedly asked my coach for water as I was feeling light headed. His response every time was, "5 more minutes". Eventually, I got so dehydrated that I passed out. The first thing my coach said when I woke up was, "Why didn't you get some water?" FML
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By  wdin  |  10

honestly if you are feeling light headed just get some water, if your coach isn't smart enough to let you if you're light headed quit the team

  Alexis0927  |  22

Usually at band camp you get one water break every few hours. I'm not sure how long other band camps are, but mine is 12 hours of non stop marching and playing. Plus, it's good to have a few extra minutes to sit and rest.

  MrSassypants  |  32

I hope you misread the FML because if you think listening to a coach that you are supposed to listen to even if they're being stupid is considered not thinking for yourself, then you might be not be thinking at all.

By  Shuff52  |  21

Been there a few times, and to the hospital for it once. You won't like it when you go to throw a party after winning a game and end up being rushed to the hospital instead. Know you're own body and listen to it. No one else

By  TallMist  |  32

To the people above me saying YDI: For all you know the coach is a hardass that'll kick OP off of the team. And what if soccer is something OP loves doing and this is the only way he can get to play?
He wouldn't want to get kicked off of the team. Of course, this is indeed based on assumptions, but they're not impossibilities.