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Today, at school, I was crying because someone I knew had died. My teacher pulled me aside and said, "I understand you're socially awkward, but don't worry it gets better." FML
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That's one mean teacher, OP. I feel sorry for your losses.

I would have swore at the teacher and told her someone close to me died. And walk off. That teacher sounds really douchey. Real sorry OP.

Maybe the teacher was just trying to console OP, and wasn't very good at it. Atleast she didn't call you out on your 120th zit.

I don't think the teacher is a douchebag . He/she was trying to be nice, but failed miserably. FYL OP O_O

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My teacher would do the same thing, but he'd say it in front of the whole class.

It's hard to make friends but don't wait till high school to start find someone now. Go to your schools library or something and talk to em or something

I read this fml in a regina george voice. "I know she's socially retarded and everything, but she's my friend."

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Did you tell her what happened ?

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i hate when i see people crying in the hallway!!!! just go to the bathroom. mean teacher tho :/

Tell the teacher why you're crying later. If they don't apologize speak to a school councilor or file a letter of complaint to the dean.

Sarcasm. Obviously some people don't know what that is.

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Apparently sarcasm doesn't show up well through text. Who would have thought it?

Apparently not, my reason of posting the note above lol

7- usually when you say something like that it is supposed to express sarcasm, but I guess in this case, just say she's a bitch 9- you say sarcasm doesn't show well through text, yet you used sarcasm in your comment and I'm sure others did as well.

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15, thank you for clearing that up for myself and 7. Just in case we were unsure that it was sarcasm we were using.

Don't mind me! Just here to point out the obvious! :3 No but really, once i read my comment, I knew I was ******...

Wow thats not funny at all sorry OP for yours loss feel beter

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According to 3's about me, he can't get it up. What a shame.

Downvoted to oblivion I'm sorry op im an ass

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74- that's about as obvious as the bulge in my skinny jeans

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It's pretty hard to give someone a death stare midcrying. . .

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Not really... It looks creepier..

No it's not. It's the crying stare of death. Very achivable.

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I'm sorry, it'll be ok in the end

Yea, death can pretty awkward. Your teacher is just letting you know! When my grandad died it was pretty awkward, I was like "oooh, uh, well this is weird", then I just left my grandma and 'grandad' to themselves. (They needed the privacy).

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I sort of understand how op feels, a friend of my friend, Beau Shenecker, I think his name was, died on 1/27 which is tomorrow

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105 - So you're saying that someone you didn't even know died and you totally understand what it's like to lose a loved one? Awesome.

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Ouch OP! That's unnecessarily harsh of your teacher! And I'm pretty sure they aren't allowed to say things like that to you either :-/ that really sucks!

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Yeah, I mean "I know you've had a hard time making friends this year" is ok, calling a student "socially awkward" to their face? No not cool.

Was it your World of warcraft character who died? Then you're awkward bro

8- it was a friend that went to her school. Get a ******* heart you jackass

Well 8, you look pretty awkward yourself 'bro'

I think he looks more like a pretentious douchebag, but that's probably just me...

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8 your cute but your a DOUCHE!!!! sorry oh wait not >_

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while your teacher may have said it like an asswhipe, he/she was right about the fact that it will hopefully get better. once you're down, the only place to go is up. good luck with your troubles and hang in there !

Jesus ****, what is with all the whiny little twits these days? Your teacher was trying to be helpful and supportive! Does that really warrant you coming here and bitching about her? I'm sorry an acquaintance of yours died, but unless you were wearing a sign that said "WARNING: GRIEVING TEENAGER AHEAD", you can't expect others to read your mind.

Calling her "socially awkward" is not helpful or supportive.

The whole point of the fml was because the teacher called them socially awkward...

I agree with Mr Bastard on this one. OP could, and should, have reacted better at the time of said incident... and bitch-slapped the teacher in the teeth. She had a perfect reason to do so at the time.

I'm with doc on this one. The teacher was just attempting to make her feel better. I accept the incoming downwards thumbs with open arms.

The teacher said "I understand you're socially awkward." That's called being helpful. If she had said, "You're a socially awkward little asshole, aren't you? HAHAHA!" that would be more of an FML. I read this as the teacher trying to be helpful and understanding. You can all feel free to thumb me down to the bowels of Hell, but deep down you know I'm right. You can't expect someone to know why you're crying.

I don't know why you got thumbed down. You are right on the money with your comment dude.

Can't expect someone to know why you are crying, but you could at least ask them why. I think what the teacher did is more socially awkward tbh, what do you say to that?

Doc, I usually respect you, but I don't think you get the point of the FML. The point is that apparently it's possible to assume O.P. is socially awkward, not that the teacher was being an asshole. Read over the FML again.

ZebulonPike - As someone who was very socially awkward as a teenager, I know exactly what OP is talking about. But what the teacher said was actually quite kind. I wish I had teachers like that when I was in school. boydeee01 - Thanks. :) Johnny6speed - I suspect all the thumbs down are from silly little emo kids who don't understand what the hell I'm talking about.

Jeez @DocBastard, someone she knew dies and you have to be rude? what if someone you knew died would you like someone saying "get over it you whinny asshole"

Rockerchick - Yes, I have to be rude. As I've said in all the comments on this thread, I'm sorry that someone OP knew died. It clearly isn't someone she's very close to, or else she would have specified (my friend died, my grandfather died, my goldfish died, etc). But what the teacher said was obviously meant to be supportive, and OP is complaining about it. That's what prompted my rudeness.

You are right, doc. If I was a teacher, I would probably be annoyed by some random tee crying in class. They didn't know why she was crying, for all he knew, she could have been crying because she broke her nail. You can't expect everyone to coddle you and give you big hugs when you cry.

Are you seriously asking me to be more sensitive? You don't know me very well, do you? I guess I've just become more thick-skinned in my old age. What people say to/about me just DOESN'T BOTHER ME. I think kids are just too damned sensitive these days. Branflakes, go find a corner to cry in. I'm trying to have a conversation here, and your whinging is bothering me.

It's not about expecting others to know why he/she is sad but about being called socially awkward, which is kind of insulting. Teachers should know better.

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Alright well instead of the teacher assuming why (s)he was crying, they simply could have asked why (s)he was crying, and then after hearing the story, could have tried to comfort op. Rather than being a total ass munch and thinking op was crying because of "social awkwardness".

What the **** is wrong with you! You need to stop being a douche before someone rips your balls off. Your rant about little "twits" was completely unnecessary.

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Ok there is only 1 thing bothering me about docs coment and that is that I don't think op was being whinny and what give the teacher the right to assume that she's crying cause she's socially awkward I think the usual responce would be to ask what's wrong, nd sorry bout your loss op!

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What the ****? Multiple kiss-ass alert. LOL.

What the **** indeed. I haven't seen so many people get so unnecessarily butthurt over one of my comments in a while. Good. Datoismyname - are you actually threatening to rip my balls off over a comment on FML? You have anger issues, friend.

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That's true love right there, Bastard. They love you.

Dont be a bitch! And DONT eva say Jesus' name in a curse!!! And thats mean cuz someone died and the teacher just came ova and assumed instead of asking wat wuz wrong!!!!!! The teacher shuld've asked instead of assuming! Duh!!

Thank you!!! Jeez. Thanks for showing him wat the point of the fml wuz!

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Chloe, "jeez" is short for "Jesus" therefore you used the Lord's name in vain. Doc, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. It would have been much kinder of the teacher to ask what's wrong first. The teacher isn't a douche, but really should learn to ask first.

Ok firt chloe u need to calm ur balls and mariet, I couldn't have said it better myself

Mariet - Yes, it would have been kinder of the teacher to ask rather than just assume. I'll give you that. But what pisses me off so much was all the people calling the teacher an asshole or a douche or whatever else the rest of you assholes were calling him (or her). What the teacher said did not sound malicious at all, but everyone here seems to be so damned sensitive.

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I agree it wasn't the teachers fault at all. But it would still be pretty bad to be mistaken for crying because your socially awkward, when you friend in fact died. Even if it wasn't the teacher's fault. Doc going around calling everyone names and getting his knickers in a knot for the thumbs down here is pretty uncalled for.

I don't give two ***** about thumbs down. If I did, I would have backed off after my first comment got buried. My knickers are thoroughly unknotted.

Obviously people aren't thinking about it from your viewpoint. Now that you explained your reason for the comment, you would think that people would begin to understand, but some just don't want to open their eyes a little.

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So let me get this straight, forget everything else (because to give my opinion on each point would take a mile) you're angry because people are calling the teacher stupid when all said teacher was trying to do was be nice, right?

bizarre_ftw 21

Yet the teacher assumed something that then proved to be insulting to the op. That's actually classifiable as a stupid move. Of course the teacher had a good intentions (haven't you ever heard the road to hell is paved in them?) doesn't mean they weren't incredibly stupid in their actions. Yes people make mistakes, yes the teacher could be a perfectly fine human being, but this is FML, we work with what we've got, and the only indication to the teacher's intelligence or stupidity is a classifiably stupid move that not only was inappropriate, but also confidence damaging to an already emotionally damaged op. When someone is crying assuming to know the reason is rarely the answer, because getting it wrong risks potentially worsening the situation (as happened here) - this is common sense, therefore the lack of common sense in the teacher's actions speaks to the teacher's potential stupidity

bizarre_ftw 21

I doubt the teacher is mentally challenged, quite likely they're socially awkward themselves (a factor that, though ironic, hardly excuses their behavior or speaks against their possible stupidity) so as it were there is no factor that excuses their behavior. In the end, there is much damning evidence that suggests calling the teacher stupid is appropriate and that you, therefore, had an off moment. My condolences on your off moment, however the rampant insulting was unnecessary and uncalled for. Thank you & good day

I would tell that bitch off.. Sorry for your loss OP