By Laura - 27/05/2014 15:58 - United States

Today, at school, I got seated in front of the resident creepy kid that everyone stayed away from. I was pretty relieved to get through most of the class with no incidents, until the bell rang and he tore out a chunk of my hair, yelling "DNA! DNA!" FML
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Ouch! That's assault! I would say something...

Punch the kid and take your hair back


he's gonna put a hex on you! lol fyl hopefully it wasn't too much damage.

91hayek 31

You can't get anymore red flag than this. Something is wrong with him and you have to report it before he really ups the ante and ends up hunting for wet DNA.

incoherentrmblr 21

Sounds like someone has a cloning machine...

Ouch! That's assault! I would say something...

Didn't the teacher see, or say anything?

aruam365 24

Actually it's battery, but I agree!

aruam365 24

Holy crap! I am forced to know the difference for my job, so don't down vote me! Assault is putting someone in fear for his or her life. Battery is actually physically hurting someone, look it up.

YeaSo3 14

say something. whoop his ass! crazy that!..he know what he doing

That's the scary thing teacher don't notice shit until the principle walks in or the someone with the same authority walks in....

Maybe he's secretly a mad scientist and is going to clone you?

I don't know, but it seems to me like the kid was just playing up his own story. He probably did it to fuck with everyone.

Not much if a secret if he bolted out of the room screaming DNA...

Punch the kid and take your hair back

glue the ripped out hair back to your head even. that'll show him

emilya93 1

You should be flattered.

RedPillSucks 31

He should be flattened.

Being assaulted is not flattering.

Assault could theoretically be flattening though

She should be flattered that some weirdo cut out her hair and chanted "DNA"? That's not flattering at all, that's creepy as fuck. Hell, that's beyond creepy.

I'm surprised at the socially awkwardness of people... I'm pretty socially awkward but even I know that's really creepy. I hope he loses the hair he took, OP.

billionair11 20

Wait I thought doc brown was in old west

It's hard to feel bad for socially awkward kids when they do things like that..

The difference between socially awkward kids and creeps is that the awkward ones genuinely try not to be creepy and apologize at any realization, while creeps take advantage of the title to push boundaries and see what they can get away with.

I'm fairly sure that's assault...

He gon clone you.