By anonymous - 10/09/2010 18:09 - United States

Today, at school, everybody wanted to be my partner for a project. This surprised me because nobody ever wants to be with me. Turns out when I was absent, my teacher promised that whoever was my partner would get extra points on the project. FML
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oh man i know how its to be the "outcast,, fyl!


Steve I am so sorry you weren't supposed to find out about te extra points

you must be blonde lol

ydi for sucking that bad.

yeah ure right #1 the teacher is a bitch and if I found out a teacher did that to me I would have told all of them to fuck off. then I'd leave.

no she's nice or trying to make him feel popular, at least she cared

LoveML man, you're the popular kid now

Not really. The teacher made an effort to have them included

Not really an fml. The teacher helped more than anything.

I think it was nice of your teacher to do that, but when you founded out it makes it bad but she tried.

hahah SucKs fir u

Probably made her feel worse about herself actually. Her hopes were raised and then violently crushed down.

how is this an FML. I mean, you were absent. so WTF.

OP is an outcast that nobody wants to be partners with

oh man i know how its to be the "outcast,, fyl!

haha fuckin loser

freakin prick ^

*scoffs* How rude!

hahahaha I'm a fuckstick fml too

I've been in this situation...well, the first part anyway. It sucks. :-( I'm sorry, OP. FYL, both for being in that situation and for having a lousy teacher who made it worse.

Aww... but the OP is probably a better person than all the other people in their class put together :)

Waaah. Make friends with your partner and get over it.