By Anonymous - 11/06/2009 14:37 - United States

Today, at my wedding, when my husband heard "you may now kiss the bride" he swung me down romantically and was about to plant one on me when his arm slipped, causing me to fall on the floor hitting my head, and getting a concussion. FML
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At least he's romantic...I guess

Oh god... my future husband plans on doing this at our wedding. I'm glad we're practicing, LOL!


wow that sucks I bet the honey moon will be fun throw him off the bed give him a concosion :()

HAHAHA!! So did you wake up in the hospital or something and missed your wedding party? Why do I ask if no ones gunna answer my questions? Oh!! There I go again asking questions!!

At least he's romantic...I guess

he tried....•.•

Aww that sucks fyl

No. YDI for being a woman. But seriously. YDI.

Wow you're a prick

Wow. That sucks. But fuck, I'm so sick of hearing these; "And I got knocked out/knocked him out" "got a concussion", "blacked out" stories. It can't possibly be that easy to get a concussion.

did you get it on film?

that sucks. buts thats funny.