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Today, at my new job, I realized I have been spending too much time with just my cat. As I passed some coworkers in the hall, I nodded and gave them the "slow blink of trust" that is used with cats. FML
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  NewUsername  |  26

Okay, I know you're probably joking but I just have to say this. It pisses me off that people fight over if cats or dogs are better. Guess what? Neither is better and neither is worse. Everyone has an opinion and each opinion is valid. Yours is not worth more simply because you say it is.

  SpyroMello  |  29

#27 I think you're overthinking it. I'm not saying my opinion is better than hers or that dogs are factually better than cats. Take a joke, you live longer if you laugh more.

By  Tripartita  |  44

Just wait until you start making that kissing/squeak sound when you want to call somebody over.

If you catch yourself in time, you can sort of look around quickly and play it off like you don't know where the sound came from.

Yes, I have experience with this situation.

By  jbivens1992  |  17

As it has been said by a previous commenter, one can never spend to much time with their cat. But I feel your pain OP, I find myself doing that to my husband sometimes while we are talking. He meows at me to let me know I did it again lol.