By notkatvond - 19/06/2013 18:46 - United States

Today, at my job at my tattoo parlor, yet another client offered to pay for his tattoo by "letting" me sleep with him. This client happens to be my boyfriend's best friend, whose girlfriend is having me tattoo his name on her wrist next week. FML
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RedFox12 7

Tattoo a penis on him.

Looks like he won't be her boyfriend for very long. What an arsehole.


Yeowch. That's a cheeky username!

Yours isn't much better.

Looks like he won't be her boyfriend for very long. What an arsehole.

At this point, if she still tattoos his name on her friend's wrist, she's a terrible person.

Well she's clearly classy like him.

inthedopeshow 17

That's rather ignorant of you to say.

Chellybelly92 14

That's very rude. Tattoo's don't make people less classy.

I think she was more aiming it at the fact she's getting his name on her wrist... Which is a stupid idea...

inthedopeshow 17

It's stupid that she isn't recognizing the permanence of the tattoo relative to her situation but that still does not make her any less classy.

Well, getting your boyfriend's name tattooed is silly. Relationships don't last. Especially if he's offering sex as payment.

inthedopeshow 17

Some relationships do last, actually. This girl just happens to be dating a lying douchebag.

Tattooing soneone your not even married to's name on a visible part of your body is probably the most ignorant thing a person could possibly do. Ever!!!!!

Woah, Guys, relax... can't you get a bit of sarcasm?

Hmm, makes me wonder what he's having you put on him!

it'd be great if you just tattooed cheater on him. Totally worth it!

She should totally pull a Lisbeth Salander on him!

RedFox12 7

Tattoo a penis on him.

Don't forget the heart around it!

Or Hello Kitty choking on a penis, for the double whammy.

66: That sounds like a badass tattoo.

sneeze_watch 19

Yes, for women everywhere, you MUST draw a permanent dick on this dick.

or hello kitty getting a penis sewn on for the irony

It's more of an FHL for tattooing a cheater's name on her arm. Or a would be cheater, anyway.

She didn't get the tattoo yet.

spanelli 16

Hopefully it stays that way.

Ins0mau 20

More like 'she deserves it' for being stupid enough to tattoo ANY partner's name on herself.

Proton21 7

Sounds like they think they can reward themselfs by having sex. Sorry, that's horrible.

This is just asking for a fucked up tattoo.

I pity his girlfriend. 1) she's really stupid for wanting to tattoo her boyfriends name on herself 2)she's got a shitty cheating boyfriend

perdix 29

Accept his offer and tattoo, "Herpes: Run Away!!" on his penis head.

suboy 10

Or just give him a free tattoo and write IM A CHEATER!!!!!