By immy504 - United States
Today, at my job as a waitress, I fell, landed on my ass, managing not to spill the drinks or drop the food in my hands. A little boy yelled "NINJA WAITRESS!" Every one at work has been calling me that all day, and purposely been trying to trip me to see if I could do it again. FML
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  kaprookie  |  3

Of course OP can't admit to it, what sort of ninja would be like "Yeah I'm a ninja". A stupid one thats what. They will get ninja killed, by an anti-ninja.

By  FYLDeep  |  25

Sounds more like Spiderman than a ninja.

By  BlAzEtHiS  |  0

That's really unsafe. You or someone around you could get seriously hurt. Not cool, not cool at all.