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  \  |  28

Don't cross the beams!

  Crazymye  |  14

Why do people feel the need to investigate? If I saw anything that resembled anything paranormal, I'd calmly turn around and run as fast as I possibly could.

  SuperMew  |  22

I worked in an old folks home for two summers. While sad, because they were mentally degrading, they would have to wear diapers and take them off, finger paint, etc all over the walls and themselves. It was really gross and very sad.

  mydadpulledout  |  17

Supermew, he was suppose to be at work cleaning alone. I doubt he went in there because he thought the old man was leaving a mess, more likely that he just saw (or thought so) a random old guy walk into his empty work building and wanted to see what was up.

  yellowzinnias  |  20

You're confusing Get Smart and Harry Potter. Max went through multiple secret doorways into a phone box, dialed a number and sank below the ground.

In Harry Potter, Ministry officials flush themselves into the Ministry (coincidentally, the "visitors' entrance" is a phone box, but I have a feeling Rowling was more inspired by the tardis than Get Smart.)

  blcksocks  |  19

"Hmm... There are some strange noises coming out of that abandoned building, which according to some people is haunted, because a family was brutally murdered two decades ago.... I better go take a look"

By  SuperMew  |  22

Even if it is a ghost, unless Old Man Toilet comes at you, seems pretty harmless. Either you are freaking yourself out or you have a ghost. While freaky, you have worked in that place this long without incident.

By  nightowl713  |  25

He probably just made his way out before you noticed. No need for panic! Or I I guess It could be a ghost. Either way, at least you didn't see him again to confirm the latter.