By ewwgross - United States
Today, at my hairdressing job, my first client of the day came in for a cut. Her hair smelled awful, and when I asked her why, she informed me that she'd gotten trashed with some friends the night before, and one of them had puked in her hair. She came to me to get it cleaned out. FML
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  alaskasfml  |  0

do you even realize what you said to defend yourself!? "the puke could've just washed out and the customer needed to get their head cleaned up" if it WASHED out it implies their hair is somehow already clean. even when trying to make yourself sound less stupid you make it worse.

  lalalaha  |  0

geez, you think you guys are being mean enough? this is why I hate the like or dislike button, cause now no one has the freedom to say what they really want to say. just chill out, it's just a comment. she has just as much of a right to post one as you do.

  rmbaker1993  |  0

you guys are all such rude people! the girl could have washed the puke out but it still smelled really bad so she came to her stylist to try to get all the smell out. I get what sarahbella was saying.

  miserypoison  |  13

To simply settle this, I think what Sarahbella is implying is that it is unusual for puke to still be stuck on her hair from last night, sort of like touching something really sticky then later on it goes away.

I'm not saying she's right, what she I think she is trying to get her point across, let's put values in one's opinion guys.

  badluckalex  |  23

obviously it was if she had to get it cleaned out... I do get what 1 is saying. he might not have seen it right away and maybe didn't want to judge, but still s dumb comment