By baddream - / Saturday 25 April 2009 01:44 / United States
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just because you don't cry at the funeral doesn't mean that you don't love the person you lost. sorry for the loss


Well, the OP's mom might have been the one to lose a parent and is therefore very emotional. I know my mom was when my grandfather died.

Sometimes people feel like they need to prove they're grieving more than other people are. Probably what this was. It'll hurt you forever, but your mom will probably forget it ever happened. Them's the breaks. Sorry about your grandma.

wow. she's probably still very upset. I wouldn't get angry at her for it, just have a talk with her n explain things. Im sure she'll cool down.

By  24788

Well if your from America guys tend to feel like they can't have emotions. Being a guy I know how this goes, but there's a few times when a guy can cry and probably needs to. One of your family members dieing is a good time.

i'm sure your grandmother wouldn't mind. lol. srry. Umm, why would it matter if u did cry?!? I mean it IS a funeral, ya know, ur supposed 2 cry, you durr.

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