By OnlyMee - / Saturday 9 July 2011 04:32 / United States
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  a_nutritionist  |  10

i can totally see going to an ex's wedding. ill do it when one of my ex's gets married, because we remain friends and i have no attachment like i would in a romantic relationship. im assuming he thought the OP was in the same place, and thus invited her.
honestly, she deserves it for going, knowing that she wasnt at a place where she has moved on. if you were truly over this guy you wouldnt care that he met his wife while you were married - unless he cheated on you and you just found out, which you didnt say - and you should be happy for him.

  Anai08  |  17

I think where the FML lies here is not that she went to her ex's wedding and listened to how they fell in love (because OP and her ex could still be friends) but that she found out he found someone else while they were still dating. I'm sure OP expect to hear how they fell in love and all that at the wedding, just not that it all happened while she was still in a relationship with the guy.

By  Big_Red_138  |  3

Well he's a douche...you should propose a toast and then let them know how they met and 'fell in love' while he was still dating you. Let everyone know how big of a jackass he is...then again...it IS his wedding..might not want to be real mean.

  sas_nmn  |  1

No, the OP should not. It's not like he proposed that toast especially to hurt the OP. He's in love and he's getting married. Although it's douchy how he got together with this person in the first place, it's childish for the OP to go and ruin his wedding. If she can't deal with it, she shouldn't be there anyway.

  Louie133  |  0

@146: why not? Scenes are fun especially when he deserves it. I mean the other girl doesn't deserve it, but you'd be letting her know what might be in her future. :-/

  a_nutritionist  |  10

and youd throw your drink at him why? we can assume she knew he was cheating, and bringing it up again like that would only leave people going 'what a bitch'...
its over. move on. get out of his life already

  WjTrix  |  0

nobody said cheating, you moron. Even more so, if he fell in love with another woman while involved with someone else, that is cheating dumbass!!!! cheating does not mean physically alone...

  a_nutritionist  |  10

...i said she was cheating, then i pointed out the error...but im the moron, right ;)
actually falling in love with someone is not cheating. pursuing a romantic relationship is. you dont need to be having sex, you do need to have the intent to form some kind of relationship behind the back of your partner. simply falling for someone does not fall under that category.
now kindly remove your head out your ass and try to form comments that consist of more than exclamation marks, fallacies and insults.

  luna4545  |  4

dude just as admit that you're wrong and STFU.. and btw 55 comment has more than exclamation marks in it. Dumbass.

On another note, OP throwing her drink in his face won't solve anything, because clearly she knew what she was getting herself into. She obviously knew going to the wedding that the woman he was marrying is the woman he met while they were still together. She has no right to be upset about him telling all their friends and family the story. Assuming she went because they stay in touch, and stay friends. Is she still has feelings she shouldn't have gone, and she clearly needs to try to let go and move on.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

im gonna assume you only mentioned exclamation marks because you stop reading the second theres a word you cant comprehend. thatd explain why you think i havent already corrected all of my mistakes in this thread, not that it matters because we both know you stopped reading at the word 'comprehend'.

By  DjeePee  |  24

Why did you go? I mean, you could expect being hurt on the day he marries the woman who took in your place. I won't discuss whether he's a douche or not, you simply can't control love. It's sad for you that he fell in love on another one whilst he was dating you, but things like this happen, and it's obvious he loved that other woman more than you. He's happy now, time for you to let this all go.

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