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Today, at my dental practice, we received a shipment of the stupid flavoured gloves my boss ordered to make the place more "friendly to the kids". I started working in an adult patient's mouth, when he decided to start creepily making out with my fingers. FML
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Georgieeporgiee 9

Just another weirdo sucking your fingers.

Wow, what dentist orders flavored gloves? That's kinky.

Flavored gloves. Just another way dentists are trying to make them like you. And you wonder why dentists have high suicide rates

EnEl_Infierno 15

I wonder what flavor they were, if they were tropical skittle flavored, I wouldn't blame him.

LiveLaughFML 10

flavored gloves? that's as bad as my dentist asking what i did over the summer while performing a regular cleaning on my teeth.

My orthodontist has those stupid gloves.... They dont taste all that great so I don't know why that patient would lick OP's fingers :-/

akacesfan 5

OP, why were you wearing the gloves when they were meant to kids? Either way, that's disgusting and creepy, I'm sorry.

Not gonna lie, if they tasted like Taco Bell double beef burrito, I might of got a little kinky also.

enonymous 8

YDI for wrapping your hand in a fruit roll up. If it was me you would have lost the hand

He was just tasting it so he can put one on his dick to surprise his mom

He just wishes the roles were reversed, and he was working in your mouth. Bownur!

Sounds like he showed you a good time and he was paying you haha. Win win on your part I'd say.

NotAPedo 0

Lucky!! I would like to be in your place!! Nothing weird or anything... Just to help out the kids, I promise

Raaa_fml 5
EnEl_Infierno 15

Sunny with a hint of minty freshness.

BellaBelle_fml 23

Ugh some of the gloves I've used at the hospital were grape scented mixed with latex. Not a good combo.

perdix 29

Stupid-flavored? What does stupid taste like?

sxe_beast 11
leadman1989 15

I'm sure a zombie would have the answer for you. The ironic part is trying to talk to a zombie would mean you're stupid so you'd be asking how you taste. :p

Sweej 1

I wondered the same actually.. What does it taste like?

They usually taste like bubblegum, not good bubblegum tho, gross bubblegum

Anything bubblegum-flavored usually tastes like shit, except bubblegum.

Bubblegum taste like shit? You guys had oral with princess bubblegum? Jk, I kid, perdix yet another win!

Stupid tastes like lead. Specifically lead poisoning.

Ummm I bet that was the highlight of your day. Don't lie!

Ummm I bet that was the highlight of your day. Don't lie!

Ummm I bet that was the highlight of your day. Don't lie!

Ummm I bet that was the highlight of your day. Don't lie!

shrinkydinks 0

Your picture is really gross! Makes me glad that I don't smoke;)

That's the point of the picture ammirite? Say no to smoking. Say yes to tacos. The moose has spoken.