By Anonymous - 06/10/2015 04:18 - United States - Lake Oswego

Today, at my annual checkup, the doc looks down at my foot and says, "Oh, you have an extra toenail. 6, huh?" Then sort of scraping at the side of my foot below the pinky toe, he pulls off a long piece of dead, dried skin and says, "Oh." FML
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Fml to the doctor... He must be traumatised


Take better care of your feet for next year's checkup

JustinJK 21

My feet get really bad around this time of year. Feel bad for the technician at the salon I go to lol

UserError94 18

Read this as anal check up first time around. So....Confused

your doc smokin the reefer?

What's wrong with you

every day unless it's the 13th

Dont worry too much about it OP, I broke my toes playing soccer, and afterwards, I thought I had a big protruding scar for a long time. It ended up being just a big piece of dry skin. You might want to clean your feet in the shower though...

Rei_Ayanami 18

Sounds more like the kind of place a callous would form, not dead skin. Either way that's pretty gross, and I hope he wore gloves.

you do realize that a callous is the build up of dead skin right?

Fml to the doctor... He must be traumatised

If you get traumatised by a piece of dead skin as a doctor, you're gonna have a hard time

@15 you couldn't be more right about that :S

You should take better care of your feet, especially if it's bad enough for your doctor to think you have a 6th toe nail.

Well sometimes it can be hard to maintain for some people if they have calloused feet, or hands . It can also be pretty bad around this time of year

Are you aware of what personal hygiene is and how to do it?

tantanpanda 26

Exfoliation products work really well. OP should try them sometime.

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More like F his life

you should be proud, it takes skill to be that krusty