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  iKaite  |  0

This is possibly my favourite FML of all time.

I can really imagine your grandmothers face, probably summed up best by the emoticon ._.?

Looks like your out the will, blud.

  Krajjan  |  9

You, OP, had a George Carlin moment. One of those special moments in life where hilarious honesty overrides your brain-to-mouth filter and creates epic conditions. Congratulations.

  Jessi2487  |  0

i dont get this.... is OP implying that the parents are abusing the baby?? or was this some sick sex joke or statement tht completely went over my head??

BTW::: dont judge me... i kno im not normal, at least thats what the voices in my head tell me

  suppressed08  |  2

well the cousins baby is having seizures, which can be a pretty serious medical condition. The OP didn't think to stop themselves from making a joke (which can be 'pictured' as someone shaking the baby, or a sex joke.)

  mattman1994  |  0

Its called SBS, or Shaken Baby Syndrome. Children become disabled because their mothers violently shake them and jostle them when they are infants causing whiplash and brain damage.

No, sadly I'm not being sarcastic


because when someone is having a seizure they shake, when someone is being shaken they are also shaking. OP is saying that the baby's not having seizures but someone is shaking them in instead and calling it a seizure.

Explaining the joke takes all of the fun(ny) out of it.