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  annie_nk  |  22

I'd understand if he was outside the house but he was in his house. The remote wouldn't reach that far even if it was programmed to their TV. Which he couldn't do from his house.

  hotshot2626  |  9

If OP was doing it, its rude. However for something as trivial as this, one would think you could confront a neighbor. Besides how would OP know what brand and model the neighbor had as a TV to program the remote.

  beccaishereyay  |  11

There should have been some actions before the police were called. Like actually talking to their neighbor first. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people have a problem with you but say nothing until all hell breaks loose.

  xxenforcerxx  |  4

with universal remotes, if you manually program you just hit setup, tv, then press the channel up button til the channel changes. all you have to do is be within range

  BunchieRules  |  31

62 - That would change time and space itself, and not just the channels. Then again, I guess only OP would be affected, because of the "autopilot" feature.

  perdix  |  29

Sometimes I think that some cops would rather intervene with harmless citizens than confront dangerous criminals or organized drug gangs. I'm sure the life-and-death shit sounds fun when deciding to be a cop, but I'll bet that gets old real fast.

  kyleekay  |  25

Perdix- That's true, but I was thinking more along the lines of "I really have to deal with idiots like this?"

I'd agree that the action-packed stuff likely gets tiresome at some point, but I'd rather do a routine stop with normal people versus weirdos, haha.

By  GothickNihilist  |  15

It still never ceases to amaze me how idiotic people can be. I can't believe that people think that it is possible to change other people's tv channels Why on earth would that warrant a police call. F your life indeed.